Collodion baby born in Amritsar!

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A 'plastic baby' was born in Amritsar recently. Know more about this extremely uncommon genetic disorder, affecting one in about six lakh babies

collodion baby

Collodion babies have an autosomal recessive disorder

A ‘plastic baby’ born in Amritsar has become become the topic of discussion in the state and elsewhere in India. The baby born with a rare condition looks like a rubber doll, with her face similar to that of a fish. The medical term for such a newborn is collodion baby. 

According to Dr Shelly Singh, gynaecologist, Primus Super Speciality Hospital, “It is a genetic disorder in which the skin  of the baby is stretched and shines like a sausage skin. The baby develops cracks in the skin in 2-3 weeks and it is a very painful condition.”

Since there are no routine tests for this genetic condition, it goes undetected in the antenatal period. However, diagnosis is possible based on genetic studies and Karyotyping. 

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, IVF expert, SCI Healthcare, Delhi, says, “Collodion babies are at high risk of some complications. The cracking and peeling of the membrane increases the risk of infection from microorganisms. These infants are also at risk for fluid loss, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, body temperature instability, and pneumonia.”

According to experts, collodion babies should be placed in a high humidity chamber, and monitored closely for complications. A high humidity environment will allow slow, gradual sloughing off of the membrane.

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