Eating 30g chocolate during pregnancy may benefit foetal development and growth, says study

Eating 30g chocolate during pregnancy may benefit foetal development and growth, says study

A recent study says that benefits of eating chocolate include foetal growth and development. Here's why you must add it to your daily diet.

There is good news for expecting mothers. You can now add chocolate to your daily diet routine.

A recent study shows that consuming 30g of chocolate a day is linked to foetal growth and development. This is because chocolate contains flavonoids that are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers cholesterol.

This is especially true for dark chocolates.

What the study says

The research led by Dr Emmanuel Bujold, of the Université Laval Québec City, Canada, enrolled 129 expectant mothers who were well between their 11th and 14th week of pregnancy.

They were asked to consume 30 g of either low-flavonoid or high-flavonoid chocolate during the day.

These expecting mothers were then studied for uterine, placenta and foetal blood flow starting the 11th month of pregnancy till they delivered. Their indicator of the risk of preeclampsia, hypertension and other possible pregnancy outcomes were also noted.

The researchers made the following observations about the benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy:

  • Chocolate improved foetal growth and development
  • Chocolate also had a positive impact on the growth of placenta

The next step

The team of researchers will now conduct another set of randomized tests to determine if chocolate intake among expectant mothers can lower the risk of pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders and preeclampsia.

Previously studies also indicate that drinking two cups of hot chocolate can keep the brain healthy and lower cholesterol level.

Take a look at this video to better understand the benefits of eating chocolate:

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