Kids' 'mistake' lands them in hospital! Sweet indulgence or drug abuse?

Kids' 'mistake' lands them in hospital! Sweet indulgence or drug abuse?

Was it a case of drug abuse? Were they under the influence of the drugs? How did they get hold of it? Could it have been avoided? Read on

A bunch of schoolchildren were hospitalised over fears that they may have taken a class A drug mistaking it for sherbet. While the school is still investigating how cocaine even got into the premises, the Dorset children are under observation to confirm whether or not they’d ingested the drug.

According to this report, the cops were called by the school following reports that the four pupils had taken the white powder mistaking it for sherbet-like sweet. The cops confirmed that the substance was cocaine and also that the kids were checked in the hospital and seem to be healthy. Buzz is that a 32-year old man from Bournemouth has been taken under custody on suspicion of drug offenses.

It’s a tough world out there and making sure that we are by our child’s side all the time may not be possible. But then, how do you make sure that your little one is fine, especially when he is in his teens.

Pre-teen and teenage are a sensitive phase in every child’s life. A delicate period and also one of the most exciting ones, a teenager is susceptible to falling prey to many seemingly-fun things like drugs and alcohol. Depending on the friend circle and circumstances, there is a high likelihood that your teen may get exposed to drugs and alcohol. Teens often turn to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs for various reasons. Some of the reasons could be:

  • Peer pressure: Sometimes it’s just because ‘others’ are doing it. Peer pressure is more important than we assume. Many teens indulge in drug abuse or alcohol consumption to be ‘as cool’ as their friends.
  • To feel good: Adolescence is tricky not just for the parents but for the adolescent himself. Some become conscious of their so-called weaknesses, feel anxious or depressed, and go through a sense of social awkwardness. Resorting to drugs makes them feel like they are more in control of their lives.
  • To experiment: Adolescents are often motivated to seek new experiences, particularly those they perceive as thrilling or daring.


As parents, how do we prepare our child to be wary of indulging in drug abuse or other intoxicants? Sometimes, no amount of educating and informing helps. However, as their parents and caregivers, that's the least we can do to safeguard them from the evils lurking in various forms, through various sources. Some of the tips to try and ensure that your teen is safe and away from drugs are:

  • Talk to your teen: Even if it’s a casual conversation, having a regular chat with your teen will not only make him feel important and loved, but will also make him aware of your values and ideas, especially towards topics like drug abuse.
  • Set rules and stick to them: Expect your teen to follow the household rules. Set reasonable consequences for unacceptable behaviour and make sure you carry out the consequences.
  • Know your teen’s friends: Don’t make it like a deliberate attempt to invade his privacy, but in casual chats, figure out who his friends are. Find ways to have the contact numbers of the friends and their parents or guardians. The right set of friends will instill the right values.
  • Walk the talk: It’s common sense that if your child grows up watching you indulge in drugs and other intoxicants, he may get inspired to follow your footsteps. On the other hand, children who watch their parents take good care of their health and indulge in healthy habits, will feel less pressurised to go for substance abuse.
  • Create a positive environment: Understand that at his age, he may be going through a variety of issues. Maintain a healthy home environment so that when he is there, he feels happy, secure and complete. This feeling of completeness will make sure he doesn’t go out looking for that fake sense of support.

Making your teen stay off drugs is not just about warning them of the consequences of indulging in them. It’s more about raising a happy, confident and healthy child who doesn't feel the need to rely on external influences.

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