Child Sexual Abuse: Are our children safe in schools? 9-year-old raped at school function

Child Sexual Abuse: Are our children safe in schools? 9-year-old raped at school function

Girl was sexually assaulted by youth who allegedly worked in the school canteen. The incident highlights the increasing cases of child sexual abuse

A youth allegedly raped a 9-year-old girl during a school function in Central Mumbai on Friday (January 8). The accused has been taken into police custody.

The incident is said to have happened during a school gathering in Dadar. The accused was apparently a worker in the school’s canteen.

When the girl did not return home, her aunt went to the school. The girl was crying near the toilet  and then confided in her aunt about the assault. Subsequently, a police complaint was lodged against this child sexual abuse.

As parents, it may not be always possible to be around your kids all the time. However, there are some things you can always teach them to prevent child sexual abuse:

  • Teach them the difference between good touch and bad touch
  • Teach them to not to talk to/accept things from strangers
  • Teach them that even if they are in the school premises, they shouldn’t wander off and go to areas that are deserted. 
  • Be it in school, your building compound or during school picnics, always teach your child to be in a group

As parents, we must remember that child sexual abuse is a growing menace that can only be curbed by educating children about the issue. In fact, the Indian law also treats child sexual abuse as punishable offence.
The 2013 law has also increased the age of consent from 16 years to 18 years. Which means that any sexual activity with anybody less than age of 18, irrespective of consent, is be tried for rap

(Pic courtesy: IBN Live, with inputs from PTI)

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Avinash Iyer

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