Child Safety and You: Does your child know your phone number?

Child Safety and You: Does your child know your phone number?

We teach so many things to our kids on a daily basis, but somehow miss out on the more crucial details.

We teach so many things to our kids on a daily basis, but somehow miss out on the more crucial details such as telling your child about your phone number, address, and other small things that are very important in times of crisis.

To be frank the safety of my daughter has been giving me sleepless nights ever since she was born and, more so, after she started going to school and then to the daycare. While we all make sure we teach our kids about ‘good touch and bad touch’, have you ever thought of helping your child remember your phone number?

I, for one, had not and it struck me when I was having a carefree conversation with my daughter the other day. We were just talking about her friends in daycare and she told me, “Mummy, what is your phone number? My teacher asked me today?”

And I was left dumb-founded! While I had taught her about a number of things such as the "underwear rule", how she should not be talking to strangers and how she should never be alone in school or daycare, I had never really helped her memorise my phone number! How could I miss that!

If you have made that same mistake, here are a few other basic things that you must teach your child for a safer tomorrow.

1. Help your child memorise your phone number 

We all have explained our kids a zillion times about not to be alone with people they don't know well, but how many of you have taught them your phone number? This is the first thing that you should be teaching your child, once he turns old enough to understand, is your phone number and then help him memorise it. I did it for a week in a playful manner and my daughter knows it by heart now. I even asked her to call me from the landline a couple of times.

2. Make them aware of the surroundings you live in

While it is important for your child to remember your house address, also make sure that he knows of a few landmarks around the area you live in. This is important so that if your child somehow forgets the home address he would actually remember the landmarks.

Whenever you are passing by or walking around your neighbourhood area, remember to casually mention about the nearby market area, the doctor's clinic, the society temple and other areas, so that those places so that they remain at the back of his mind.

3. Let your kids do the talking 

Another common mistake that we make is that we keep teaching the child about good touch and bad touch, but never really listen to what the child has to say.

Continue reading to know why you should be careful not to scare your kids!

My friend had come to visit us and when she met my daughter she immediately gave her a kiss to which my daughter replied, “can she kiss me mumma?” And she was not wrong!

As parents we must realise that kids see things as right and wrong, which is why it is so important to hear what they say and assure them that you are there to help. They would also learn to share things this way and would never keep secrets, which could be a cause of concern later on.

4. Don't scare them

There can be no bigger bully than fear itself, which is why it is important for mums to be careful that they make their kids aware but not scare them at the same time.

stranger danger

So while you must teach your child that the "guard bhaiya" in your locality is a stranger, there can be times when he would help your child, too. For instance, recently in our society a child got stuck in the lift and the guard came to her rescue. So would you say that the guard is a bad guy? You'll only confuse the child further.

So, while your kids must not mingle a lot with your society security guards, the "bus bhaiya" and other people they encounter on a daily basis, make sure that they are not scared of them. Besides, while child safety is a big issue in India, don't fret over it unnecessarily. Instead, prepare your child to be safe and strong!

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