What should you do if your child is too attached to her nanny?

What should you do if your child is too attached to her nanny?

Don't fret if your child is too attached to her nanny, as no person can replace the bond between a parent and his or her child.

These days, nannies are becoming more and more commonplace. As parents get busier trying to earn a living for their families, nannies are usually the ones that handle the task of taking care of the children. In some cases however, parents might feel that their children are closer to their nanny than to their parents. What should you do if you see that your child is too attached?

It's pretty common for a parent to feel a tinge of jealousy towards their child's nanny, especially if the nanny has a pretty good connection with the child, or has cared for the child for a long time. However, no one else can replace the love that a parent has for his/her child. So long as you maintain a loving relationship with your child, you will always be their go-to person whenever they have something interesting to share or if they're feeling bad and want someone to talk to.

There might be instances once you get home from work where your child won't immediately run towards you, and that's totally okay. You need to understand that it doesn't mean your child doesn't love you, it only means that your child is comfortable being with his/her nanny, and they need a little help saying goodbye.

Don't be threatened if you see that your child is too attached to his/her nanny. Use it as an opportunity to gather useful parenting advice and think of your child's nanny as a partner when it comes to taking care of your child. Try and build up your relationship with your nanny and talk about how best to soothe your child, as well as what your child likes and dislikes etc.


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