7 ways to get your child to do their homework

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Getting your child to start and complete his homework may not have to be such a frustrating thing anymore

Oh the horror of getting your child to do his homework... something I’m sure most parents can relate to this.

Your kids will probably have a hundred different excuses to why it's not done yet, and this can make you go bonkers just trying to get them to sit down to even start.

I've rounded up 7 ways you can get your child to do his homework. Yes, you may thank me later!

#1 Develop an understanding

Ensure that they are aware of the fact that it is THEIR homework, as some parents seem to care more about it than the child. This would ultimately shift the responsibility away from the children to the parents.

Making sure that they have this understanding, will make them feel more responsible for their work.

#2 Avoid using force

“If I don’t force him, he won’t do it!” Sounds familiar?

We have our child’s best interests at heart when we nag at them to complete their homework, but sometimes it simply backfires on us. Using force or intimidating tactics may strain the relationship between the two of you, and instilling fear is never the way to go.

#3 Expectations and consequences

Talk to your child about the expectations he has for himself (as well as your own), and explain to him the consequences of not doing his homework. Work out an agreement, such as when he’ll start on his homework and what privileges will be off-limits during homework time.

Be patient when explaining these as children need to have an understanding of why it’s important, before they start doing so. You could even write it down and place it on their study desk to remind them of the “agreement”.


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#4 Trust

Trust that your child will complete his work when left alone. If you were to micromanage and monitor, it implies that you do not trust him to do it alone. Children are able to take full ownership of their homework when given the opportunity to, and will get their work done when they are aware that it is their responsibility.

#5 Environment

Ensure that the environment that he’s doing his work in is distraction free and quiet, as children are easily distracted. If you have more than one child, establish boundaries so they do not disturb each other during homework time. 

Provide your child with all necessary stationery and materials so they do not find “asking for a pencil sharpener” as an excuse to leave the room to goof around.

#6 Acknowledgement

When your child does something good, acknowledge and praise them. Not only will he feel like a responsible person, he will know that such behaviour is met with praise, and would willingly do it again the next time.

#7 Sit down with them and do "your homework”

By taking the time to complete your work during the same time as them, you are leading by example. Children look up to their parents, and will naturally mimic what they do. Even if you do not have any work to do, take out a book to read or pay your bills- they will understand that homework is important, even as an adult.

What are some other ways that you get your child to do their homework? Share with us in the comments below!

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Written by

Pavin Kaur

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