Can chia seeds be your pregnancy superfood?

Can chia seeds be your pregnancy superfood?

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy and chia seeds can help you combat those woes. But it has more benefits too. Read on.

When you are pregnant you are bound to hear all sorts of advice on what to eat or what not to eat. And naturally, any mother-to-be would want to ensure maximum nutrition for the baby growing inside her and for her own body to bear this big responsibility.

So just in case you are wondering on what superfoods you can add to supplement your diet, we have an easy answer for you. Chia seeds, that have been gaining popularity in India for some time now, are said to be one of the most effective nutritional supplements for a mother and for the baby's development too.

However, along with its many benefits, there are a few side-effects too. So it is important to understand how much chia seeds you should include in your diet, as it will depend on your condition and your doctors' advice.

To know more about the many benefits and some side effects of chia seeds, keep reading.

The origin of chia seeds

Chia seeds are the new buzzword in health circles. They are originally grown in Mexico and are revered for their medicinal and nutritional properties. They are rich in fibre, Omega-3 fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The many benefits of chia seeds

Replenishes nutrients: Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients such as iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and many others. A pregnant woman's body loses many essential nutrients and packing a superfood such as chia seeds can help the body regain lost nutrients. According to experts, the calcium found in chia seeds helps in the skeletal development of the baby and iron is responsible in developing red blood cells. It also helps transporting oxygen through the body.

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Brain development: Chia seeds are one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for baby's brain development. This is especially important for women who may be vegetarian and cannot derive these nutrients from sources such as salmon.

Natural laxative: Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy and chia seeds can help you combat those woes. Since the seeds are rich in Omega 3 oils they act as natural laxatives to clear the digestive tract.

Protein and fiber: These power seeds are also dense in protein and fiber and hence an important source of nutrition for a pregnant woman. Protein helps in fetal growth while the fiber keeps your stomach full and is also known to help prevent gestational diabetes.

Few side effects

Some women experience an increased flatulence after consuming chia seeds. Check about what quantity suits you, as taking more than is good for you can make you feel gaseous. In such cases, you may want to keep the intake to the minimum.

Experts warn that women who are on any blood-thinning medication should avoid chia seeds as the Omega 3 acids in it may thin the blood further.

As with any food item, it is best to be aware of any allergies that you may have beforehand. If you develop any rashes, swelling, hives or any other unusual symptoms do not consume the seeds.

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