Chetan Bhagat amuses mothers by trying something all women commonly do!

Chetan Bhagat amuses mothers by trying something all women commonly do!

Chetan Bhagat recently tried his hand at waxing and while he did amuse a lot of Indian mothers, they shared the one thing that is most painful for a woman! Guess what?

Just a few months back, Indian author Chetan Bhagat melted hearts with his letter. He pointed at the fact that Indian women are always stressed and suggested ways in which women could reduce this stress.

He spoke out to women asking them to do their best, without keeping a scorecard.

"Do your best, but don’t keep looking out for the report card, and definitely don’t expect to top the class. There is no ideal woman in this world, and if you strive to become one, there will be only one thing you will achieve for certain – stress," he wrote.

But now, Bhagat did the unthinkable. He tried his hand at something he considers to also be stressful to women- waxing! Yes, you read that right.

Bhagat tries THIS girly activity!

He recently tried this painful form of beautification, which is something all Indian women do and shared his hilarious experience on Twitter.

He began by tweeting that one of the things he had to do in order to research for his new book One Indian Girl was to experience things that only women go through.

Here's what happened...

He then posted a video of his experience and said, "Obviously, it's not easy to figure out girls as a man, so some really unusual things I had to do. One of those things was waxing and all I have to say is- girls, lot of respect! Because when I got it done, it was really really painful. And to think that girls do this regularly, maybe, like every month, was quite an experience for me."

Take a look at the video:

Although he did amuse many readers, several Indian mothers couldn't hold back and shared the one experience they truly considered to be painful! And we can bet you'll agree with them!

Continue reading to see what Indian mother consider to be the most painful experience and how they shared it 

When author Chetan Bhagat explained the pain he suffered through and saluted women for their strength, many Indian mothers were quick to retort that waxing wasn't the most painful thing they endured. It was actually, childbirth.

Mothers share their most painful experience

Mums, minced no words to express what they felt about childbirth and we are sure you'll all agree with him just as Bhagat did!

Chetan bhagat

Apart from these two mums, two other mums wrote their take on "the most painful experience!" One of them even went on to ask Bhagat for his take on child birth!

Chetan BhagatWell, we can all safely say that Bhagat amused Indian mothers, but he couldn't stop them from sharing their piece of mind on their most painful experience. But they also highlighted a pertinent question. Are our mums appreciated enough for their sacrifices, starting of course, with childbirth!

3 ways we can all appreciate mothers

Mothers sacrifice so much for their families, their kids and their elders but often do not get their due recognition but don't say anything to insinuate that. But it does not mean they do not want to hear appreciative words. Like all humans, they also feel saddened by not being recognised.

So why make mums wait, let's start by doing small things to appreciate mothers!

#1 Husbands take note

It is very easy to make your wife feel appreciated. By simply giving her the time and attention she so desires, you can help her relieve her stress. Ask her about how her day went, help her around the house, tell her how beautiful she looks, even if she is all sweaty from cooking that dinner! Words can make a huge difference, so use them wisely.

#2 Kids take note

Your mum sweats and toils all day long just to put a warm hearty meal in your tummy and lots of love in your heart. She definitely deserves your respect, love and appreciation. So don't wait for Mother's Day to tell your mum, how much she means to you. If you just express your love, it will mean the world to her.

#3 Mums, take note

Women need to support other women, irrespective of their community, caste or status. And mothers need to support each other even more. When you see a young mum struggling, offer her help and guidance. By simply being there for each other, us mothers can build a strong support system for each other. Let's begin today.

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