Chennai floods: Woman names baby after a good Samaritan

Chennai floods: Woman names baby after a good Samaritan

Good samaritan Mohamed Yunus saved the couple Chitra and Mohan in the devastating floods of Chennai, who thanked him by naming their newborn 'Yunus'

How do you express gratitude to a man who saves you and your unborn child from the devastating floods of Chennai? You name your baby after the good Samaritan.

That’s exactly what Chitra and Mohan did when Mohamed Yunus, co-founder and CEO of a move-in assistance website, helped them to get to a nearby hospital where Chitra delivered a baby girl named ‘Yunus.’ She was due in early December when the floods hit Chennai and inundated their neighboring areas of Urapakkam.

Along with the couple, around 400 families were left stranded when the floodwater entered their homes, reaching the first floor. Mohamed Yunus, a resident of Nungambakkam, who was at the time keeping a tab on news from various quarters decided to lease boats and help those stranded in Urapakkam (a place almost 37.3km away from Nungambakkam).

He managed to convince a few boatsmen to take some boats and travel to Urapakkam. In a statement to a leading daily, Yunus is quoted as saying, “There was no electricity and people were hanging from trees. Near a petrol outlet, we found two families who were in neck-deep water. Only after we got them out, did we find that one of the ladies was pregnant and her due date was just two days away.”

Although it took about 15 mins for the boat to reach the main road, Yunus saw the panic-stricken Chitra and took it upon himself to calm her. He narrated a story to her about the importance of helping others. This kept Chitra calm till she was taken to a hospital in Perungalathur, where she delivered the baby girl.

To express his gratitude to Yunus, Mohan later sent a heartfelt What’sApp message to him and wowed to share 50 percent of his salary with the needy.

floods of Chennai

The What’sApp message sent by Mohan to Mohamed Yunus (Image courtesy: Facebook)

We salute Mohamed Yunus and all the other good Samaritans just like him who are powering through to help those affected by the floods of Chennai.

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