Bikxie Pink - A Bike Taxi By Women, Driven By Women Begins In Gurgaon

Bikxie Pink - A Bike Taxi By Women, Driven By Women Begins In Gurgaon

Bikxie, a bike-cab service launched by Mohit Sharma on January 1, 2016 in Gurgaon has become a great transport facility. Bikxie blue is a bike cab service for male passengers in the city.

Mohit Sharma’s wife Divya Kalia took the initiative to launch this facility for women as well. So she came out with this concept of Bikxie Pink that is only for women. The app offers bike-cabs with women riders.

Professor Madu Purnima Kishwar who is a writer and women’s rights activist inaugurated Bikxie Pink on January 20,2016 in Gurgaon.

The service runs between 8am to 6pm and will take to all corners of the city. The service charges are really cheap and affordable as compared to other transport facilities. For first two kms charges are rs 10 followed by rs 5 for every next km.The app ensures the safety of the passenger as it comes with an SOS button.

Since metro cities are yet to amend the traffic laws they are yet to launch such apps but Divya hopes to launch Bikxie in Delhi and Bengaluru soon.

(Image courtesy: indiatodaytechstory)

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