How to make chalkboard painted easter eggs - fun kids easter activity

How to make chalkboard painted easter eggs - fun kids easter activity

Try to get your kids to make these chalkboard painted eggs this easter. The fun part? If you mess up with the pattern, you can just erase!

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Supermommy Neetu Mirchandani from, has a great easter activity for all the super mommies and super kids!

While painting eggs is the norm every easter, here's a unique easter activity - decorate an egg endless ways! How? Well, since these easter eggs are covered with chalkboard paint, kids can let their imagination run wild with coloured chalk stick patterns, then erase and redraw the designs if they mess up! Super fun, super engaging, right? And no need to waste many eggs! So get the things you need right now, and get going already!

Chalkboard easter eggs

Things you will need:

  • Few Eggs (boiled) or wooden/plastic eggs
  • One box Chalkboard paint
  • One plastic spoon
  • One medium sized paint brush
  • One empty egg carton

easter activity


Steps to make chalkboard easter eggs

Step 1:

Pour out some chalkboard paint in an old plastic bowl and carefully place the egg in it

easter activity

Step 2:

Using the plastic spoon, roll the egg around the paint

Step 3:

Now, carefully lift the egg and place it on the egg carton

easter activity

Step 4:

After a few hours, flip the eggs over in the carton, let the bottom side dry

Step 5:

Once the eggs are completely dry, touch up using the paintbrush until fully covered.

Step 6:

Leave the eggs to dry for a day more, then paint on them using the chalk sticks

easter activity

If you want to redesign your egg, just erase using a tissue, then redraw! Go to to see how!


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