International celeb moms share their weight loss secrets

International celeb moms share their weight loss secrets

Check out these celebrity mom secrets on how to lose baby weight

Have you ever wondered how some women can bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy bodies just a couple of months or even weeks after giving birth? Good genes help. But it's largely because they work hard at regaining their pre-baby bodies through exercise and a healthy diet.

Check out these celebrity mom secrets on how to lose baby weight:

Aubrey Miles

Believe it or not, this sexy momma hit 182 lbs when she was pregnant! Look at her now. For Aubrey, it's not a one-off -- eating well and exercising often are elements of the lifestyle that she loves.

Hello Guys, Finally sharing my story how i lose the baby weight after giving birth.I was 19 when i got pregnant, gave birth at 20years old. My regular weight was 120lbs, 5'6 in height. During my prenancy i was eating whatever i want, exercise for a bit then back to eating junk. Oh well i ended up weighing 182lbs. By the way i was 6months pregnant in this picture so imagine me in 9months ???? massive weight gain. I gave birth to my first son, rested for 3months before going back to the gym and be serious about eating healthy. Yes, some people would tell me now " You're lucky because of your genes, you're always skinny ". In my mind, you haven't met my family, never seen my family but because they always see me like this so everyone assumes it's my genes. I'll probably thank my parents for my height but that's pretty much it. My mother and father side are all average body, Definitely not skinny hehe sorry mom. Gosh, i thought il be forever skinny until i met pregnancy haha. I think where i am and how i look now, It's all because of my hardwork. Too long to tell my story here. If you want to know how i did it and all the stuff I've tried just to lose weight. Revelation 101, you'll be surprised. haha Check out my fitness blog @nikewomen #betterforit #nikewomen

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Maggie Wilson

We love her for saying "Fit not thin!" Sounds like a great mantra that any new mom can adopt.

This was breakfast earlier! ???? #latepost #LaChevrerie #Batangas #Anilao #breakfast #Yummy

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Sunshine Cruz and Ina Raymundo workout videos on the next page.

Sunshine Cruz

A workout that packs a punch? Learning to punch.

Thanks Coach Caloy and Elorde Gym Sucat ????????

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Ina Raymundo

Look at those guns! This amazing woman is a mom of five. FIVE!

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First time to try the AbCoaster. It's actually good. I should add some weight next time. #abcoaster #sayyestofitness

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