Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar's golden mantras for quick and natural weight loss!

Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar's golden mantras for quick and natural weight loss!

Rujuta Diwekar's weight loss tips are easy to follow and you can replicate them at home.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has become a household name in India. With her impressive clientele (read Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ambanis) and advocacy for ghar ka khaana, she has brought the great Indian diet debate back on the table and for good reasons.

"The demarcation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats was meant to help people make sensible decisions. But it has just left people confused. These days, selling anything by terming it ‘transfat-free’ or ‘sugar-free’ is lucrative. The only people benefitting are those in the food and weight-loss industries," says Diwekar.

The celebrated expert encourages everybody to opt for Indian food as opposed to rushing after Western fads.

And that's why her weight loss tips are easy to follow and you can replicate them at home.

Golden mantras for weight loss!

Diwekar who is responsible for helping Anant Ambani lose 108 kilos in less than a year and has been working with new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan for over a decade recently revealed her mantras for quick weight loss.

In a social media post she wrote: "Whether you will gain weight in the future is strongly related to whether you have done any weight loss diet in the recent past. This is independent of physical activity, exercise routine and other lifestyle factors."

She then listed her golden rules for weight loss.

1. Look at food as food and not carbs, proteins, fat, calories, etc.
2. Don't go for quick and short term weight loss measures/ diets/ detoxes.
3. Eat with a sense of gratitude and with all senses. Don't grab lunches and take away dinners.

Diwekar's food hacks even Kareena follows religiously!

In addition, she also shared three food hacks that are followed religiously by her most famous client Kareena Kapoor Khan for quick weight loss. She listed them on her social media handles and also shared why they have worked for the new mum.

1. Start your day with a power packed breakfast. If you have seen her killing it in the gym, know that her workout is being fuelled by kanda poha or aloo poha with dahi.

Tip - eat that wholesome meal 60-90 mins pre workout to ensure that you are able to optimise muscle fibre recruitment during exercise. This leads to a bigger after burn (more calories burned post workout) and you get your results in a shorter period of time.

2. Nimbu pani with kalanamak, sugar, kesar and bit of ginger as a mid-afternoon pick me up drink (couple hours post lunch).

Tip - Keeps the afternoon slump away. The kesar works miracle for the hair and skin while the ginger and kalanamak combo will leave you feeling light and helps avoid bloating on tough working days.

3. Dal chawal ghee or khichdi dahi or doodhi sabzi and jowar roti with ghee for dinner.

Tip - An early and wholesome dinner ensures good, restorative sleep that helps the hormones stay in a state of balance and has an anti ageing effect on the body. Waking up fresh and sleeping soundly are the corner stones of leading a good life.

The diet expert has time and again also reiterated that for faster weight loss and a fitter body, we must go the Indian way.

"We should not wait for the West to acknowledge it as something of value. A diet that is not culturally compliant is a diet that won’t last beyond two meals. Why is killing yourself at a gym and starving a better idea than giving food we grew up eating a chance?” she recently shared.

Please share your experiences using these hacks and mantras with us in the Comments section below.

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