OMG! Shocking video shows 13-year-old girl begging father to lend her money for cancer treatment

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The Vijayawada resident is seen begging her father for money on camera. But what he did next will shock you!

If you are an emotional person, you better brace yourself for what you are about to read is heartbreaking. In a video that has now gone viral, a 13-year-old girl is seen begging her father to pay for her bone marrow cancer treatment.

A resident of Vijawada, Andhra Pradesh, Sai Sri reportedly recorded the video on her mother Suma Sri's cell phone and sent it o her father via Whats App.

Shocking begging video goes viral

The tear-jerking video has left viewers weeping and one can see the young girl literally begging her father and showing her swollen hands.

"Please save me, daddy. Doctors say I won’t survive for long if I don’t get treatment. You say you don’t have money, but we have a house here. Please sell it and pay for my treatment. Please do something and save me,” Sai says in the video as she cries incessantly.

“I want to go to school like all other children and play with my friends. If I get treatment on time, I can go to school again. I feel pain in my limbs. There is no money with mummy. If you think that she will take your money, then you take me to the hospital, and get me treated,” she says.

She also goes on to say that if anything happens to her four people will be held responsible including her father and three other family members.

"Admit me to the hospital and get me treatment, daddy. If something happens to me, four of you would be responsible you, my father Maramsetty Shiva Kumar, Maramsetty Sivarama Krishna, Maramsetty Seetharama Krishna, Maramsetty Krishna Kumari," she says as she sobs.

"You and these three are thinking that I am coming in the way of your property…and want to kill me indirectly. You want to see that I die of my disease so that you can get away without any hassles," she says in the video. 

Sai requests her father to show mercy

However, at the end of the day she requests him to respond to her in two-three days. She even says that he must video chat with her, if he doesn't believe her. Finally asking him to show her mercy.

Sadly, this video reportedly had no effect on the father. According to Sai's mother Suma Sri, he did not respond to it. This delay led to what she dreaded the most- death.

What happened to Sai Sri?

Unfortunately, Sai died three days after that appeal.

On being questioned by the media Suma explained that Sai was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer last year in August and required a transplant. This procedure would have cost them Rs 30 lakh but she could not afford the cost sand so decided to ask her husband for help.

Since the couple were living separately for the past decade, he offered to take Sai to a hospital in Hyderabad.

“I had no money so I called Shiva Kumar who asked me to bring the child to him, saying he would get her proper treatment at Bengaluru. I left Sai Sri with him in February this year but he did not take her to any hospital. So, I brought her back to Vijayawada,” Suma told the reporters.

She also added that Sai's father had written off his property in his daughter's name but since she was a minor he couldn't sell it off. And the fact that he followed a local MLA made matters worse because he had give the house to the political workers for their use.

"He did not even come to see the deceased daughter"

That is why Sai Sri appealed to her father to sell the house for her treatment. "Now, my daughter is dead. And he did not even come to see the deceased daughter,” Suma told the reporters.

The police is now involved and is investigating the case. What remains to be seen now is how this case will unfold and if the father will be held responsible for his behaviour.

Watch this video at your own risk.

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