Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie, favours extended breastfeeding

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Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's wife says, “I think it’s a woman’s choice. I breastfed my three babies. I also gave them formula."

Known throughout Canada as a TV reporter, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau still refuses to be addressed as the 'first lady'.

“There is no actual title,” she told Yahoo Global News. “We could be a little more progressive. But please call me Sophie.”

Her husband, the newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Despite their 'celebrity status', her daily routine is mostly comprised of caring for their three adorable kids: Xavier, 8, and Ella-Grace, 7, and Hadrian, 2. She is also passionate about doing her part in championing the rights of women and girls.

In a recent magazine interview, Sophie revealed that she still breastfeeds her 2-year-old son, Hadrian. “I think it’s a woman’s choice. I breastfed my three babies. I also gave them formula,” she said. “I think it’s a beautiful bond, and I encourage it, but I don’t judge.”

She further cites scientific proof that "breastfeeding is amazing." Adding, "So if I can continue to feed my child even if he’s two, I’m not going to stop if he wants it. I think it’s a beautiful bond. I encourage it.”

In another interview with Chatelaine, Sophie apologized for being late because she had to nurse: “I still feed him,” she said. “I know he’s my last one; it’s a little hard to give it up.”

Being a pro-breastfeeding advocate is one of her great qualities, but what's even more admirable is how she doesn't look down upon those who chose a different route.

“Like I said,” affirms  Sophie, “I don’t judge and I also gave formula to my kids so, c’mon, find your own balance.”

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