Can you be allergic to pregnancy?

Can you be allergic to pregnancy?

Fiona Kerrigan from Portland got allergic to her own pregnancy and had a tough time dealing with it

Pregnancy is always associated with beautiful memories. However, this life-transforming experience for a woman comes with its own shares of problems and issues—nausea, hormonal changes and depression to name a few. But all of this seems to fade away the moment you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms.

While some would-be moms claim to have a smooth, problem-free pregnancy, others are not that lucky. This is what happened with Fiona Kerrigan from Portland, whose joy soon turned into sorrow as she entered her last pregnancy trimester. Her belly had scary, bright red stretch marks, which soon spread to the rest of her body.

“The rash started from the stretch marks on my bump, and spread to the rest of my body. I had bright red tiger stripes on my belly, and angry red patches all over my body. It was everywhere, all over my arms and legs and even the palms of my hands,” a distraught Fiona said as she spoke to

“The way the doctor described it to me was that my skin had stretched so far—to the absolute limit- so far that some of my baby’s cells had started to mix with my own causing an allergic reaction,” she added.

She was later diagnosed with Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy--a skin disorder that is characterised by a chronic hives-like rash which quickly spreads all over the belly and other parts of the body. Papules and plaques start appearing on the stomach and may often spread to the legs, chest, underarms and other parts. No one is really sure of the cause but it is mostly seen in women who tend to put on a lot of weight during the last few months of their pregnancy.

Though it can be extremely annoying for the sufferer, it is usually harmless and has no long-term effects on the mother or her unborn baby.

However, that should not be the reason for you to not discuss it with your synecologist, in case you suspect you have it too. Your doctor might prescribe you a mild steroid cream to be applied topically, besides moisturising ointments that provide relief from the itch and dryness.

The good news here is that Fiona delivered a bonny baby boy Leon on January, 2015 and today almost a year later her stretch marks have finally subsided. She said that a scar-healing product Remescar helped in clearing her stretch marks.

“Honestly it’s like a miracle cream and has changed my life. I’ve finally got my body back and I have got a healthy baby boy. I couldn’t be happier,” she told

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