Can this famous actress become second time lucky in love with a divorcee?

Can this famous actress become second time lucky in love with a divorcee?

"By choice, I think I want a divorcee because the way somebody has suffered the way I have, we will be conscious about the relationship," says actor Dalljiet Kaur.

When people mutually decide to part ways, it never gets easy for both the individuals. And when a child is involved, it tends to get even more challenging.

And one such television celebrity who is clearly feeling the pinch right now is none other than, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon fame actress, Dalljiet Kaur.

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The actress tied the knot with fellow actor Shaleen Bhanot on December 9, 2009, and got separated in the year 2015. The two of them have a little baby boy named Jaydon, who now stays with his mother post separation.

But even with all this personal turmoil, Dalljiet Kaur never feared the limelight and was very open and honest about every decision and step in her life. Be it her divorce, her commendable weight loss post separation or her anniversary wish for Shaleen after divorce.

A while ago, the actress also expressed her wish to remarry since she feels a void in her life.

"I have not shut the door on love"

Dalljiet Kaur was quoted as saying, “I miss somebody that I can talk about Jaydon to. There are lot of emotions that you want to share with only your life partner. I miss having an intelligent conversation with someone who should be in my and my son's future plans. There is a certain vacuum. I have been alone for far too long now.”

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"I think I want a divorcee"

In a recent exclusive interview with ABP live, the actress admitted a few current emotions and why she prefers dating a divorcee.

She shared, “My window is open for my career and my family, but I have not shut the door on love. It’s been quite some time that I have been alone and I am not growing younger either. By choice, I think I want a divorcee because the way somebody has suffered the way I have, we will be conscious about the relationship. I would want somebody who has already been through so that when he comes to me he should also judge me and know whether he really like me. Second time lucky is not going to be easy for me."

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The Kaala Teeka actress also talked about her ex-husband and mentioned, “Shaleen and I speak to each other on and off because he also keeps busy. I don't hold any grudge or ill feelings against him. I don't want people to see me as a bechari."

Such situations now-a-days have become very common and recurrent unfortunately. But just because one doesn't feel lucky enough for the first time, doesn't mean love can never happen again.

Being a single parent does put additional pressure on balancing and juggling things in life. But one thing that should never be forgotten is your happiness.

5 ways single parents can lead a happy life

There are a few points that a single parent should always keep in mind:

#1 Forgive: Forgiveness is the key to your peace of mind. It might be fair on your part to hold a grudge against your ex, but that will never help you grow or move ahead in life. It's true that few pains can be healed only with time, but it's best to forgive and move on.

#2 Acceptance: Yes, there are times when you wonder why certain things happened even after you put in all your efforts. But acceptance is the way out of taking a step out of your misery. Not running away and just plainly accepting the past and present will give you more courage to face life.

#3 Openness: You could be 60 and still long for love. But why wait that long? There are times when single parents do think zillion time before thinking of another partner in life. But if it pans out to be the best solution to fill the void in your life along with your child's, be open to receiving and giving love at all times. But make sure, it's not a rebound.

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#4 Happiness: Never feel guilty about feeling happy. If you are happy and out of your self-pity zone, your child will be happy and grow as well. Do what your heart says, as long as it's not causing any harm to anyone. Find out your passion and practice it.

#5 Long-term planning: A separation can be a costly affair and impact career and finances. The best way is to plan long-term so that it never hampers the child's future. This will not only save you from all the unexpected fires but also keep you less stressed about the future.

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