Can being close to a baby increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Can being close to a baby increase your chances of getting pregnant?

How can simply being in close proximity to an infant boost fertility?

How can simply being in close proximity to an infant boost fertility?

According to Healthline, there is no evidence to back this theory. Improved chances of conception can be attributed to a variety of factors, but simply being around a baby doesn’t seem to be one of them. Sure, it can help a woman be more mentally prepared for motherhood, but its influence stops there.

Couples trying to conceive may consider fertility treatments—artificial insemination, IVF, surrogacy—in order to get pregnant once the cause of infertility is pinpointed. Testing sperm and hormone levels are just some ways doctors can determine why couples struggle to conceive.

Can being close to a baby increase your chances of getting pregnant?

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Though it can’t be fully explained just yet, maternal age plays a huge role in improving chances for conception.

However, there are other everyday ways to boost fertility you probably have not tried before.


Get moving even before you start trying to conceive. Not only does it promise health benefits, it can also keep your weight in check. Being overweight can lessen your chances of getting pregnant.

Revamp your diet

Steering clear of trans fats can help boost fertility. Foods with trans fats hamper the body’s insulin reaction, causing irregular ovulation. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol will also help.

Don’t douche

We previously advised you against douching in order to protect infection, but it can also serves another purpose. Women who douche more than once a week have been found to have low fertility levels, says a study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Change the when and how of sex

Knowing when to have sex is important. Keep an ovulation calendar to keep track of when you are the most fertile. Assuming a favorable sex position will also help, as it can keep the sperm in the vagina longer, making it easier to conceive.

“The vagina naturally tilts toward the back, so lying on the back allows the semen to pool in the proper location,” Dr. Philip E. Chenette of California, U.S.A. tells “The longer you can keep the seminal fluid near the cervix, the more sperm will be in the proper location.”


Research out of Harvard University Medical School has found that practicing relaxation techniques for 10 to 20 minutes twice each day helps conception.

Examples of these are meditation, autogenic training, and progressive relaxation.

During meditation, you can sit in silence while concentrating on your breathing. Chanting a phrase repetitively can help tune out unwanted sounds, thoughts and feelings, keeping you focused on your breathing.

Autogenic training, on the other hand, helps your body reach the point of deep relaxation, by conditioning it to respond to verbal instruction, like “my heart is calm and it is beating regularly.”

Lastly, progressive relaxation is done by focusing on the tensing and relaxing of muscles when you’re sitting or lying down. Start at the top of your head and work your way down to the tips of your toes, being mindful of squeezing muscles and holding them for less than 10 seconds and releasing tension as you go along.

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