Buying diapers for newborn? WAIT, read this!

Buying diapers for newborn? WAIT, read this!

Buying a diaper is an art. We help you how to choose the best one for your little one

diapers for newborn

Consider these tips before buying diapers for newborn babies

For a new parent, choosing comfortable diapers for the newborn can get quite mind-boggling. And the plethora of brand options only make the task seem unfathomable. Just as it is for most of the things, a certain brand of diaper might suit your baby than others. So what all do you consider before nailing your favourite newborn diaper brand? Confused with an answer? We bring to you a checklist that you need to go back to when out for diaper shopping.

Wait till the baby is born

It is advisable to wait till the baby is born so that you know his weight. You might just need few packs of newborn size initially before you move to the next size.

Get your fit right

Make sure that the diaper fits well around your baby’s leg. If you’re experiencing a lot of leakage, you might need to go up or down a diaper size or just change the brand.

Never ignore the specifications

Each diaper pack has three important specifications you must look for: The size, the weight and the number of diapers. Most newborn diapers work for babies upto 5 kg, but the sizing between two brands sometimes differs. Therefore, settle for the one which fits better.

It’s all about trial and error

All your experienced peer group might have recommended their favourites. But eventually, the brand that suited your friend’s baby might not suit yours. You will soon have a favourite after you’re satisfied with the fit, absorption capacity and comfort of a few diapers. Try out at least 2-3 leading brands in order to find the best fit.

Do not buy in bulk

Buying in bulk may be cost-effective, but unless you’re sure of the type and the size, do not indulge in that. It is usually advised that you use cloth diapers during your little one’s early days so that you need diapers only for night-time. Try out small packs of popular brands. Sometimes, you may even receive free samples of a brand at a store or when you order baby gear online.

Buy smart

Buying diapers online is a time saving process. It can also prove to be cost-effective when you choose to buy in bulk the type, size and other specifications mentioned above.

If you have any more questions regarding buying diapers for newborn babies, please ask in our Comment box below.

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Preeti Athri

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