Bua Ekta Kapoor wants her nephew Laksshya to grow up with THIS special skill

Bua Ekta Kapoor wants her nephew Laksshya to grow up with THIS special skill

Well said! All boys must be taught the same.

When actor Tusshar Kapoor first brought his son Laksshya home, his happiness knew no bounds. But he wasn't alone.

His biggest supporters were his sister Ekta and his parents who love his little bub so much so that they can't imagine their lives without him now.

In fact, all of them take turns to be with Laksshya who recently turned one.

"He goes to sleep at 8 pm, and I step out of the house only after that. But there are days when I leave him with my parents (Jeetendra and Shobhaa Kapoor) because I want both of us to have a little space to breathe," the doting dad recently shared.

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Ekta is taking her role as bua quite seriously

As for his sister Tusshar says she is more than happy to pamper Laksshya.

"She's actually the one spoiling him. She's always making videos, taking pictures and shopping for him. She just wants his wardrobe to be full and his toy closet to be brimming. I don't want him to grow up a spoilt child, but right now, he deserves to be pampered," he shared.

But it's not all fun and games this new bua wants to teach her nephew.

Ekta wants to teach Laksshya something truly special

The doting aunt who is known for her business prowess wants Laksshya to be raised as a sensitive an emotional person.

She doesn't want him to feel entitled or become a 'heart-breaker.'

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In a video interview to a entertainment daily the movie producer said, "My biggest problem is that when men grow up when tell them they should be heartbreakers. I want him to see something which makes him a sensitive man."

She also added that she wants him to respect every woman, irrespective of her choices.

"I want him to see a show so he can learn that breaking hearts is not manly. So I would show him The Dirty Picture. I want him to accept all kinds of women and respect all kinds of women," shared Ekta.

Well said, Ekta! We agree.

In a country that is marred by increasing crimes against women, we need to raise sensitive sons who understand and appreciate the opposite sex and give them equal respect.

But here are a few more things we need to teach our sons.

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5 powerful things you must teach your sons

As parents, we share a great responsibility- that of raising happy, confident and respectful children. And this learning begins at home. More than our girls, we need to teach our sons to incorporate all these skills and here's what you can begin with.

  • Let's teach our boys to treat all girls with respect and equality from an early age
  • Let's teach our boys that they are not better or more capable or smarter than girls and that girls can step out of the house to do the same things they can. More importantly, lead with an example.
  • Let's teach our boys that a girl is entitled to say 'No.' It is her prerogative.
  • Let's teach our boys that it's okay to play with dolls and soft toys. They need not play with toys that blow up or are noisy or help them egg on a fight.
  • Let's stop teaching them that 'Boys will be boys' is okay to use for their every discretion. We must teach them that every action has a consequence and nobody can escape from it.

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