Breast implant surgery goes wrong: 35-year-old woman dies

Breast implant surgery goes wrong: 35-year-old woman dies

Breast implant surgery goes wrong: A 35-year-old woman has died after a botched breast implant surgery...

A 35-year-old woman has died in Australia after a botched breast implant surgery.

Breast implant surgery goes wrong

Jean Huang, 35, went into cardiac arrest following surgery at The Medi Beauty clinic in Sydney, which she also owned. She died in hospital 2 days later.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Shao Jie, who allegedly performed the operation, was a tourist from China, and held no Australian medical qualifications. She was apparently known to Huang through mutual friends.

However it has been revealed now, that she had done a five-year degree at Guangdong Medical University in China and was specialised in dermatology.

The real cause of death is unclear, but it is believed that Shao caused the death of Ms Huang by injecting her with varying amounts of anaesthetic in the form of tramadol, lidocaine and the restricted substance hyaluronic acid.

On Sep 5, Shao Jie was charged with manslaughter.

Mr Brad Hazzard, the Health Minister of New South Wales, has been quoted by ABC News as saying,"Clearly there is a major problem with beauty therapy facilities that involve themselves in doing procedures that perhaps should not be done by them."

Professor Mark Ashton, President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, has said, "We cannot emphasise enough the importance of people being aware of the risks and doing their research into the qualifications of their practitioner and facility where their procedure is being conducted.'

“Many of these procedures are invasive in nature or involve prescription item drugs which can be toxic if administered incorrectly.”

*Republished with permission from The Asianparent Singapore

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald,

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