Brazilian Vogue features breastfeeding model on latest cover

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Vogue Brazil took a bold stance on breastfeeding as they featured a stunning image of a nursing mother on their September issue! See the photoshoot, and full story here!

Moms, if you’re not familiar with model Carol Trentini…you soon will be.

Not because the Brazilian stunner is an absolute knockout, but because she’s making waves in the parenting community for her being featured on September’s cover of Vogue Brazil!

Breastfeeding my baby boy for @voguebrasil THANK YOU ????????

A photo posted by Carol Trentini (@trentinireal) on


Photographer Zee Nunes captured Trentini and her son for the cover of the magazine during her pregnancy and after. These stunning photos from the shoot feature the model while she was seven months pregnant and two months after her pregnancy as she welcomed her son. Trentini said that Nunes along with stylist Pedro Salles “created the perfect atmosphere” for the absolutely stunning photoshoot.

In addition to being featured on the cover of Vogue Brazil, she was also featured in another article in which she’s seen holding and embracing her eldest child. The mother of two was grateful for Vogue’s attempt to capture the love between her and her two sons. In fact, she captioned in one of her Instagram posts: “Breastfeeding my baby boy for @voguebrasil THANK YOU”

Though Vogue Brazil’s gorgeous shoot is making waves across social media, and the parenting community for it’s touching, and encouraging stance on breastfeeding, they are far from the first publication to feature a breastfeeding mother. In fact, other nations’ iterations of Vogue have done the same!

In their March 2015 issue, Vogue Netherlands featured model Doutzen Kroes and her two children on the cover as well as a photo of her nursing them within the issue itself.

Another popular publication, Elle (specifically Elle Australia) also highlighted breastfeeding when Nicole Trunfio graced the cover of their June 2015 issue. Like Trentini, she took to Instagram to thank the publication. However, she also added an awesome hashtag: #NormalizeBreastfeeding.

Clearly, these respective models and publications are on a mission to capture the beauty and intimacy of breastfeeding! And, to be frank, they’re doing a stunning and gorgeous job in their efforts!

Check out more of Carol Trentini’s photoshoot by visiting page two for more!

Com meu anjo ruivo e tímido para @voguebrasil ☀️with my redhead angel ☀️

A photo posted by Carol Trentini (@trentinireal) on






Brazilian Vogue features breastfeeding model on latest cover



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