Braver Than Ever

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The next time you need something to lift your spirits, here’s an open letter to you, filled with all I’ve learned and all the encouragement I hope you need to get through this new journey of motherhood. Presented by Baby Dove

Dear new mom,

You’ll be okay. You’re doing great being a mama.

If those words made you cry, I’m sorry. But moms don’t hear that enough. With all the things you do for your baby and for yourself, all mamas deserve to hear that they are amazing human beings trying their best to handle the responsibilities that come along with being a mother

If it wasn’t amazing enough that you were able to bring life into this world, you’re able to shower your baby with all the love and affection you have to give. Your baby is happy, healthy, and loved, and that’s in huge part because of you.

Being a new mom makes you more emotional. It makes you feel things in a whole other level. Your heart is now wide open, overflowing with more love and compassion than you’ve ever felt before. Those tears that you cry almost on a daily basis? Just let them out.

Feeling like a failure because it took you two hours to put your baby to sleep? Wipe your tears, snuggle with your little one, and feel comforted by the fact that all moms have cried over the frustration of not being able to but their baby to sleep.

Are you and your baby doing a wailing duet, and you can’t figure out how to make your child stop crying? Take a few deep breaths and calm down to figure out what your baby needs. Does his nappy need to be changed? Is she hungry? Is he due for a nap? Or does she just want to feel your warmth? It’s okay to let the tears trickle down as you figure it out. His cries might send you into a panic, but don’t worry. Trust your instincts and let them guide you in understanding your baby’s needs. Believe in yourself, just the way Baby Dove says, that there is no right or wrong way of being a mother, for a mother always knows the best for her baby. So don’t worry as you’ll be able to do things that will soothe him.

Braver Than Ever

Do remember that crying isn’t a sign of weakness, and it is ok to let off the steam once in a while. So don’t listen to those who say that you’ve got to “toughen up”, or that you have to hide your tears from your baby. Showing emotion isn’t weakness—it’s being strong enough to be true to yourself and what you’re feeling. It takes a strong woman to show weakness, and to get back up and try again, despite the challenges that made her cry.

It might feel that you cry over the negative emotions all the time, though. It’s like you’re sad, tired, mad, or frustrated—it’s just one or the other, but it’s like a dark cloud is hovering over you all. The. Time!

 But it won’t always be that way. And it doesn’t need to be that way right now. You might be too tired or sleepy to realize this, but your life is happy and full of meaning, right now. There are moments in between those sad tears that you smiled and cried tears of joy!

You cried tears of joy when you first held your baby in your arms. And this feeling continues,  whenever your little one wraps her little but strong hand around your finger. And your heart bursts every time she looks into your tear-soaked eyes so deeply, telling you that she loves you with all the love in the world.

Braver Than Ever

As the days go by, perhaps you won’t cry as often. You’ll feel more stable, strong, and maybe even sneak in some more sleep and me-time. You’ll start feeling like you’ve got your groove back, and more like the superwoman that you’ve always been. May that thought comfort you, and get you through the tough days of being a mum.

Moving ahead in the journey of motherhood, there will always be happy moments to share and cry about, and much, much more happy than sad times to treasure. So even if it feels like things are tough right now and will be for a long time, take comfort in the fact that being a mama means your life will forever be filled with meaning, happiness, and so much love. And that’s an amazing reason to cry over.


Every loving and crying mum in the world