13-yr-old Chandigarh boy saves mother and earns the National Bravery Award

13-yr-old Chandigarh boy saves mother and earns the National Bravery Award

In a heroic act, a 13-year-old boy saves mother from a gruesome attack and is now the National Bravery Award-15 winner. Read on to know more

Bravery comes in all forms and the 13-year-old Chandigarh boy, Dishant Mehndiratta, proved just that. The brave fellow saved his mother from robbers and is now being given the National Bravery Award-2015.

The Indian Council for Child Welfare selected Mehndiratta who lives with his mother (Archana), father (Ravinder) and younger brother (Ryaan). He is a Class VIII student of Saupins School.

The incident that made him a hero

On April 4, 2015, around 2 p.m, soon after Mehndiratta's father left for the office, a stranger knocked on their door and after gaining entry into the house he engaged him (Mehndiratta) in a conversation. His mother then called her husband and asked him, in turn, speak with the stranger, who then asked the stranger to come some tother day.

After the call, the man requested to use the bathroom and just as Mehndiratta's mother took him to show the way, he took out a knife and put it on her neck.

Seeing his mom captive, the 13-year-old first fell down and begged the man to leave his mother. The robber threatened Mehndiratta and his younger brother and asked them to get all the valuables in the house in return of their mother's life.

A moment later, the brave boy gathered some courage, grabbed the knife and threw it away. The family then bravely fought with the man and got him arrested. Mehndiratta's mother and the accused suffered minor injuries in the fight, reports The New Indian Express.

Mehndiratta will be given the awarded a cash prize, a medal and a certificate on January 26, 2016, at the Republic Day function at New Delhi.

We applaud the braveheart's courage!

(Image courtesy : Chandigarh Amarujhala.com, India.com)

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