8-year-old boy beat baby to death to stop her from crying

8-year-old boy beat baby to death to stop her from crying

The mother of the baby was out clubbing with her friends when the incident happened

In a horrific incident, an eight-year-old boy beat a one-year-old baby girl to death in Alabama when her crying became incessant and he could not do anything to control it.

The mother of the baby girl had left her at a friend's place with other six children while she stepped out for clubbing with her friends.

"It is believed that while the mother and friend were at the club, the eight-year-old viciously attacked the one-year-old because the one-year-old would not stop crying," police said in a statement.

The baby suffered from severe head trauma and damages to her internal organs which ultimately led to her death. The mother informed the police when she found the baby unresponsive in her crib.

The eight-year-old is currently in the care of the Department of Human Resources of Alabama’s child welfare agency in the US. Katerra has been charged with manslaughter for the circumstances that brought about her daughter’s death and is out on $15,000 bond.

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