With THIS gesture Boney Kapoor proved that wife Sridevi is the most important person to him!

With THIS gesture Boney Kapoor proved that wife Sridevi is the most important person to him!

That's such a wonderful way to appreciate his wife's hard work!

Sridevi first stepped onto a set 50 years back on July 7, 1967. At the time she was just four-years-old working as a child artist in a regional film. But today, after five decades of being in the industry and acting in 299 movies, Sridevi finally completed her 300th film.

And while it was a momentous personal occasion for her, there was one more person who was more happy than Sridevi. Her doting husband, Boney Kapoor. In order to mark the special occasion, Kapoor reportedly preponed the date of his next release with wife to this historic date.

"July 7, 1967, was the day when Sridevi first walked into a film set. As a special gesture, he has decided to release her next, MOM, on that date (as opposed to the scheduled date of July 17)," a source shared with a tabloid.

Sridevi: He will do anything to keep me happy

Even though the couple married amidst much controversy (Boney was a married man and Sridevi was labelled 'the other woman'), their relationship has been accepted by the families now and they are proud parents of two teenage girls today.

Not to forget, they are very much in love.

"Yes, the love is still very much there. But it is different... much deeper in a sense. As the years pass, your understanding of each other improves. We don't take each other for granted as much... Boney is a romantic at heart but in subtle ways. Always kind and considerate, he will do anything to keep me happy. When I go for a shoot, he will see to it that the whole team (her staff members) is there to take care of my every need. Sometimes it is only later that I realise the trouble he has actually gone through, to make things easy for me," she shared in an interview.

The filmy proposal

The actress also shared the moment when Boney proposed to her and the two decided to seal the deal.

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While sharing details of the proposal, Boney took the lead in the interview and shared, "I made a formal proposal to her while we were travelling in a car, alone without her family. I took her hand in mine and asked her to be my wife,' says Boney, recalling the moment. 'But she took her time in coming to a decision!' As they say, 'All's well that ends well'."

The couple have been inseparable since then. They are often seen in public accompanied by each other, gazing into each other's eyes and seemingly in love. But as Sridevi puts it, Boney displays his love for her in many subtle ways, as all husbands should.

3 ways husbands express love without saying 'I Love You'

  • They treat you as equal partners: This quality may seem like something men usually do, but it's far from reality, especially in our society. Men in India are often taught that they are superior to women. So when a man treats his wife as an equal partner, takes her advice and gives her credit, you know that he truly loves her.
  • They make an effort to understand you: In India we thrust the responsibility of understanding the in-laws on the daughters-in-law. It becomes their duty to keep the in-laws happy and men are never expected to engage. But if your husband values his relationships with his in-laws and respects and loves them as much as you, he is a keeper.
  • They work towards your happiness: Your husband may not expressively tell you that your happiness is important to him, he may try to express it in his own way. He may bring you flowers, buy you gifts or try to adjust and change his ways to make you happy.

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