Congratulations! This famous Bollywood actor is pregnant for the second time

Congratulations! This famous Bollywood actor is pregnant for the second time

The couple already have a three-year-old daughter named Samaira.

Actor Urvashi Sharma broke many hearts when she got married to fellow actor and businessman Sachiin Joshi in 2012. Two years after their wedding, the couple were blessed with baby girl Samaira.

And it looks like they are ready to embrace parenthood for the second time around.

Yes, that's correct.

The 33-year-old who appeared in several movies including Naqaab, is pregnant with her second child. In fact, the parents-to-be are babymooning with close friends Kanchi Kaul and Shabbir Ahluwalia.

The couple made a the special announcement through their Instagram post and even shared the delivery month of their second baby.

While sharing the good news Joshi wrote: "This birthday #eve,tops the list of all my birthdays @sharrmaurvashi is expecting,#excited to be a father again,a new addition in the family on the way..super happy...(sic)."

And sharing the same picture Sharma added: "Growing my tribe by 2 more feet. Coming this December!!"

The couple who already have a three-year-old daughter are clearly over the moon with the new addition to their family and Urvashi is enjoying her pregnancy to a T.

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"My husband has spoilt me"

In fact, in an interview last year she revealed that her husband often spoils her and lets her enjoy motherhood at her own pace.

"I got married, had a baby and am happy with my life. Most people have been approaching me to produce a show, not act in one. I don't have to work for money; my husband has enough of it. I shop, travel, enjoy my time with family — that's all I need," she shared with a daily.

Talking about getting back to work she further added, "I am not used to working so much. My husband has spoilt me. Even when I go to office, I do it at my own time, often at 2 pm."

Well, we are sure Joshi is spoiling his wife and letting her enjoy this lovely phase, just as all husbands should. And if you are also an expecting father, be prepared to help your wife out even after the pregnancy. Here's how you can contribute.

3 ways new dads can help new mums

  • Give her a break: Just as soon as couples become parents, their baby becomes their first priority. They willingly devote their time and effort to raise their little bub, but often times forget about each other. But don't forget your wife and help her relax whenever you can.
  • Acknowledge your wife's effort: Never leave an opportunity to praise your wife and thank her for making you more happy and stable. New fathers must take a cue from this and learn that appreciating the wife, especially when she has just become a mum can boost her confidence and make her feel loved.
  • Contribute in parenting duties: Most urban Indian fathers have become hands-on, since they like to help their wives with parenting duties. This is also an important if you want to keep the romance alive. By simply doing their own parenting duties, new fathers can help their wives relax and feel ready to take on further responsibilities.

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