Now, a bluetooth enabled app to tell you if you're pregnant (or not!)

Now, a bluetooth enabled app to tell you if you're pregnant (or not!)

Trying to know if you’re pregnant or not? There’s a new bluetooth enabled app that would just do the trick for you.

We are living in an age where our kids learn to operate smart phones and iPads when they are not even six. The technology revolution is taking over our daily lives and now even our reproductive lives.

First response, a company which has previously launched a series of products that track your pregnancy and ovulation, has now launched a bluetooth enabled pregnancy test in the market.

How it works

The PRO Digital Pregnancy Test & App Access, the first and only Bluetooth Smart-enabled pregnancy test on the market, connects to a woman’s bluetooth device through a mobile application. Once synced, the app provides her with pregnancy-related content only available with Pregnancy PRO, and delivers a personalized user experience throughout her entire pregnancy journey.

The Bluetooth app works just like your regularly pregnancy stick, just that it offers more information and advice to the users after the results. For eg., if the test is positive it will provide the user with other details such as her due date and what kinds of questions she should be asking her doctor.

“Pregnancy PRO not only revolutionises the pregnancy test category, but more importantly, provides women with the information they need during their journey,” said Stacey Feldman, Vice President of Marketing, Church & Dwight in a press release.

Fertility apps—the latest trend to hit the apps market

While pregnancy PRO is definitely a unique application that has ever been launched, the fact is there are a number of fertility apps that are flooding the mobile apps market. These cleverly designed apps monitor a woman’s fertility and ovulation cycles and gives her cues on when would it be a right time to have sex to make a baby or to avoid a pregnancy.

From tracking your periods to telling you about your most fertile days and the ones that are safe for you have unprotected sex—there’s literally an app for everything on the internet. Here are a few that have become already quite popular:

  • Baby Planner: Perhaps the most expensive app on the iPhone, this app also monitors your weight, mood and temperature, offering you cues on your most fertile days, besides tracking your periods.
  • OvuView: By tracking your weight, moods and appetite, this clever app gives you tailored information about your menstrual cycle and how fertile you are. It also tells you when you have a headache and how hungry you are and if you have tender breasts.
  • Kindera fertility tracker: Comes with an app and connected fertility thermometer for you to know the right time for you to make a baby, avoid a pregnancy or just track your basal body temperature.
  • Pink Pad: It does everything you’d expect it to, such as tracking periods and moods, and collates all the information into a cute pink calendar.
  • Glow: Known as the ‘the world’s best ovulation calculator and fertility companion’, glow offers a full health profile and support for those going through IVF. It can also be used to avoid a pregnancy.

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