Is your black beaded mangalsutra bringing bad luck to your husband?

Is your black beaded mangalsutra bringing bad luck to your husband?

Women in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were using stones and hammers to break their mangalsutra. Read on to know why.

In 2017, somebody started a sinister rumour in Karnataka. It spread so quickly that it led to a frenzy among married women and they started breaking their beaded mangalsutra by the next day.

The rumour reportedly stated the black beaded mangalsutra would bring bad luck and misfortune to husbands on Wednesday. Most believers turned to rocks and hammers to break their gold (black-beaded) mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra hysteria grips South India

But it wasn't just women in Karnataka who got possessed by this mad frenzy. Women in the border areas of Andhra Pradesh also fell for it and picked up whatever they possibly could to smash their mangalsutras into pieces.

So while some smashed a few parts of their chains, others made sure to completely destroy their mangalsutras in order to 'protect their husbands from the bad omen.' The hysteria even spread to parts of  Koppal, Chitradurga, Ballari, Davanagere and Raichur districts in these southern states.

So was this rumour true? Did you inflict bad omen on your husband by wearing the black-beaded mangalsutra?


The REAL truth behind the mangasutra hysteria

Well, as it turns out the rumour was false. There was no such thing.

But to stop women from further breaking down, creating a hysteria and throwing away their mangalsutra, the Karnataka state government's women and child development issued a public appeal. They requested women to stop worrying and not be misled by these baseless rumours.

An expert clarified with a daily and said there was no connection between the red and black beads or corals to one's misfortune and it is just an ornament.

"There is no connection between the red coral and one's life. Red coral (known as havala in Kannada) has been associated with the mangalsutra for several centuries now because of their ornamental value," he stated.

This may have been a rumour, but the way the women reacted shows the importance of mangalsutra in women's lives. It seems that many women still believe in its ability to protect.

The importance of a mangalsutra in India

The concept of mangalsutra is believed to have originated in the South. And in most states of the region, it holds great value. It is not just considered a piece of jewellery, there is great significance attached with it.

Some believe that it is a symbol of chastity and marital dignity and similar to a wedding ring, is a symbol of commitment between the husband and wife. Some also believe that a mangalsutra has the power to protect the husband from evil and misfortune (a belief the rumour mongers clearly tried to take advantage of)!

Added to all these beliefs are also the saas-bahu soaps that keep reiterating that a mangalsutra holds magical powers and must be worn at all times. Either way the fact that the rumour mongers did manage to fool a considerable number of women only goes to show that many still believe in its 'magical powers.'

We leave it upto you to decide whether or not you believe in it too!

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