Bizarre! Looks did matter for a newlywed who killed her husband for being ‘ugly’

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The new bride from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, married her husband just a week before the incident

Judging somebody on the basis of their looks might be shallow, but for this newlywed it was the only most important criteria. In a news that is bizarre and shocking in its premise, a young 22-year-old reportedly killed her husband on not finding him handsome enough.

Yes, you read that right!

The new bride from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, married her husband, a wood sculptor just a week before the incident. However, soon after she started to distance herself from him and didn't find attractive enough.

The young couple ended up quarreling (presumably on the topic) and this allegedly led to his murder.

The police uncovers the 'ugly' truth!

When the police came to crime scene, they found out that the woman had started to hate her husband and was apparently egged on by family and friends who constantly judged her husband's looks. They even went to the extent of suggesting that he was no match for her good looks.

Although the woman came out of her house crying and reporting the death of her husband, the police reportedly arrested her and charged her for killing her husband. Although further investigations are still underway, most of the evidence so far points at the her and she is now therefore, sentenced to judicial custody for a few days.

While the actual sentence on her actions are yet to come since the police is yet to prove that she guilty, what painfully comes through is our society's need for reinforcing shallow opinions.

Reading such news pieces provokes the mind to think about what we are teaching our kids or perhaps what we are not teaching them. Is fair so lovely, are looks suppose to be 'good' and is an intellectual so 'nerdy?' These are questions we need to ask ourselves as parents so that we not raise kids who believe that 'good' looks matter and bully intellectually bent classmates as 'nerds.'

3 ways we can teach our kids to never be shallow

  • Practice what you preach: If you want your child to learn that superficial reality such as looks and financial stability are things that come and go and what truly stays is the personality, then you must practice what you preach. Don't judge somebody on the basis of their looks, caste, creed pr sexual preferences. Teach your kids to be objective and fair.
  • Challenge their minds: Sometimes kids ask innocent questions about say, why a person darker than them. Remember to always be fair and encourage them to appreciate differences whether physical or intellectual.
  • Add discipline to your routine: Our society is such that we often end up judging others based on their looks. So therefore, it's not easy to be fair and impartial all the time. So practice to think before you speak and teach your kids the same. Remember that weighing in of words before they are spoken is a quality of a balanced mind, and we should all work towards raising such kids.

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