Just one year into her marriage Bipasha Basu makes a life-changing career decision!

Just one year into her marriage Bipasha Basu makes a life-changing career decision!

Actor Bipasha Basu is clearly absolutely smitten by her husband and that's why she may have taken this step.

Ever since actors Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got hitched last year, the media's glare has been upon this handsome couple. From jet-setting around the globe together to serenading each other with love messages to talking babies, we've seen it all.

But it seems their marriage is now taking a toll on their career, especially for Bipasha. Yes, you read that right.

Bipasha's love for Karan taking a toll on her career

While the much-in-love couple look great together and have been approached by several brands for endorsements, they much rather prefer just Basu.

But the reason that both of them have been cast together for their recent work was Basu's reported insistence.

A popular entertainment site recently shared that since Basu is more popular than Grover, she keeps getting several offers for stage shows, brand endorsements as well as glamour events.

However, she is so in love with her hubby that she keeps insisting on being taken together everywhere and even signed on together for brand endorsements.

“Bipasha’s career an actress is at a low ebb, to put it politely. She nonetheless has a certain clout even now in the glamour industry. Offers for endorsements, events and public appearances are coming her way even today in a steady trickle. But she nixes her prospects by bringing her husband into the picture,” revealed a source.

Bipasha only wants to work with Karan

However, it's not just that she wants the brands to cast them together. If she is works alone, she insists that Karan would join her as well.

The source shares that she may have made a crucial career decision and that involves her hubby.

“If there is an ad about a couple, Bipasha insists the agency hire Karan Singh Grover to play the male half. If Bipasha  is invited to public appearances she wants the organisers to invite her husband also. Even if she agrees to an event in a foreign country she wants the organizers to pay her husband’s fare and hotel accommodation,” the source shared.

It seems that while Bipasha is still loved and adored by her fans and brands alike, the same may not be true for her husband. Therefore, the insistence.

Well, either way we do see them happy together and that is perhaps their priority in life- a happy marriage. Career perhaps is secondary for them now and we must respect this decision.

But while these two may actually have it easy, with Karan being at ease with his wife's popularity, many men are not really comfortable in this situation.

So if your partner is more successful than you, how should you work towards making your lives happier and successful? Here's what you can try.

3 ways career-oriented couples can make their marriage work

  • Think of yourself as one unit: Now that you are married, you are no longer 'He' & 'She' you are 'Us.' Your priorities and vision in life is to grow and succeed together. So whether you are more successful or your wife, what matters most that you have each other to celebrate and enjoy that success.
  • Support your partner: Married couples always believe that they are supporting each other, but there is always room for some more hard work. If your wife comes home late from work, don't expect her to take care of the house and cook and serenade you. Be more responsible, it is your house too. Likewise, if your husband comes late, don't judge him or question him. He is working hard for you too.
  • Help your partner know your work: So you are going out with your work friends, but on some days you can plan a 'bring your spouse' party and introduce your partner to your colleagues. That way your partner can themselves be aware of the people you work with and how much effort you may be putting into your work each day.

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