Bipasha Basu has been silently battling this deadly disease!

Bipasha Basu has been silently battling this deadly disease!

Bipasha Basu managed to hide this for so long and has quietly been working on her health and fitness.

When you look at actor Bipasha Basu the first thing that you notice is that she is a gorgeous and fabulously fit woman.

Having worked in the glamour industry most of her adult life, she knows how to carry herself and looks breathtaking in all that she dons.

However, as with any celebrity, the 38-year-old also has an outer facade that hides many secrets, one of which will perhaps shock you.

The actor who married long-time beau and fellow actor Karan Singh Grover in a lavish ceremony last year, was diagnosed with a health problem in 2005 and has since been silently suffering from it.

"I have osteoarthritis for the last 15 years"

"I need to treat my joints well because I have osteoarthritis for the last 15 years. I need to be extra careful," she recently shared with a daily.

The Raaz actor added that it all started because she didn't have enough knowledge on how to care for her body and often excused herself from exercising.

"Lack of knowledge of the body, making up excuses like I don’t need this or exercising is so boring- I was that person. So when you do something, like if you start dancing suddenly, or you just start running with the wrong shoes you can hurt yourself. You need to learn about all these things and know yourself. You can’t just do something which another person is doing since everyone is different," she shared.

"The pain is still there, in fact I ice my knees everyday"

The actor also added that there was a point in her life where she was advised to get both her knees operated.

"In 2005 everyone had told me that I need to get my knees operated- that I can’t dance, won’t be able to do action sequences and even be able to stand for a long time," she shared adding that this revelation led her to take better care of her body.

Unfortunately, she still suffers from pain.

"The pain is still there, in fact I ice my knees everyday and if my knees don’t pain I feel I am not alive. I do extreme weight training for my legs to offload the stress on my knees. I don’t know why people say they want to live till only 60 or 70, I want to live till 100 and even beyond, and I want to be able. That is why I invest in my health. I want to have a good old age," shared Basu who has since been an advocate of clean and healthy living.

Incidentally, because of her inclination towards a fitter lifestyle, Basu is also careful about what she eats and her diet is as simple as it gets.

Basu's simple and slimming diet!

She reveals, "I’m actually a very big foodie. But at the same time I believe in moderation and try to eat as many home-cooked meals as possible. I really like to eat out a lot but thankfully I have a partner who only likes eating at home. His good habits do rub off on me a bit. I try to limit eating sweets to only when I’m going out or meeting family, but it’s a constant battle."

Basu also shares her exact meal plan and says, "My home food is basically oats, eggs, juice (breakfast). For lunch its chicken, dal and sabji. And for dinner its dal and sabji again."

While Basu has carefully regimented a programme to care for her body more since she she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, let's understand more about this problem.

What is osteoarthritis?

In medical terms, osteoarthritis is a disease wherein a person experiences joint inflammation and that leads to erosion of the cartilage. There are many reasons for this issue including old age, trauma (as in Basu's case) as well as a prolonged pre-existing condition.

Some of the common symptoms of this condition include: joint pains, swelling, joint stiffness and even joint creaking and loss of motion on that particular joint.

Since there is no blood test for this condition, the primary goal for those who suffer from it should be to keep the joints in motion and take good care of their health.

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