Meet the world’s first biometric-tracking smart bra

Meet the world’s first biometric-tracking smart bra

A Canadian company has introduced a sensor-filled smart bra and it will surely benefit women who have resolved to being fitter this year

Imagine a world where you could measure your heart rate and the level of physical activity by simply wearing a bra. Sounds convenient, right? Well, it now is.

A Canadian tech company called OmSignal, has come out with a new invention—a smart bra called Ombra—that enables women to log and monitor their vital stats over the course of their workout.

These vital stats include breathing rate, heart rate and the number of calories burnt during the exercise.

The product: Ombra

The ‘smart’ bra has a built-in sensor (smart box) attached to the lower band of the bra. This sensor has been made in the form of a black box, which monitors and wirelessly transmits real-time biometric information to a companion app.

You have to download the companion app in order to analyse the readings.

Interestingly, the smart box attached to the bra powers through 10 workouts without charging and can fill you in on the data once you are back home. The app, however, is only applicable to iOS devices and will retail for Rs 9,975 by 2016 spring.

This is surely good news for all Indian women who have resolved to become healthier and fitter in 2016.

Check out the video to know how it's used:

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