Binged too much on mithai this Diwali? Try these 3 post-Diwali detox tips by Rujuta Diwekar

Binged too much on mithai this Diwali? Try these 3 post-Diwali detox tips by Rujuta Diwekar

Am going to try them from today.

Diwali was over four days back but if you like me have been bingeing on all the yumilicious mithai all this while, I bet you are already worrying about the weight you have put on this last one week.

Fret not, as Rujuta Diwekar has some excellent post-Diwali detox tips that would not only keep your weight in check but also help you beat the bloat and soothe your digestive system.

In a Facebook post, Rujuta talks about the top three foods that are excellent for detox and help fight bloating and dullness that often accompanies you after you are done with all the festivities. Here are the three foods you should be eating post the Diwali binge:

1. Sugarcane

The first and most important food that is found in abundance in India and one that helps beat the bloat is sugarcane.

Rujuta says that sugarcane is India’s traditional detox and go-to therapy for jaundice and has properties that can make you feel as good as new.

"Chew on it or crush it fresh and drink its juice. Tulsi puja, which marks the end of Diwali, has sugarcane as the main prasad for exactly this purpose, it allows you to detox from all the excesses of the festivities. It is rich in glycolic acid, the exact same thing that they use in expensive peels and cosmetics, to bring back the glow on your face and even help restore the collagen tissue (bye bye acne)," she writes in her FB post.

How to use: Chew it, crush it fresh or just have a glass of sugarcane juice.


2.Tender coconut water

Coconut water works like magic when it comes to maintaining the electrolyte balance in your body and reducing bloating.

"It can immediately fix the electrolyte balance and reduce bloating in the stomach. Surely, something that one must reach out for first thing in the morning for a quick recovery from the late-night card parties. Don’t forget to eat the tender coconut, the medium chain fatty acids in the coconut can boost your stamina and will actually help you feel like not postponing your workout to next morning," adds Rujuta.

How to use: Have a glass every morning or during the day and don't forget to eat the coconut malai.

3. Gulkand

The therapeutic mixture of rose petals, sugar, and some herbs, gulkand can reduce and even prevent acidity, says Rujuta.

"Excessive eating and sleep deprivation is a potent combo to ruin the gut flora and the intestinal mucus. Fortunately, something as tasty as gulkand is easy to reach out," she adds.

How to Use: Mix it in milk or simply have it by itself and it will put your intestines on the fast track to recovery. And a special one - 1 tsp jaggery & ghee mixture post lunch and dinner. Cleans up not just the intestines but sinuses too.

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