"मेरे पति घुग्घु हैं और घुग्घु रहेंगे": Bhopal woman kills herself, blames husband, mother-in-law in suicide note

"मेरे पति घुग्घु हैं और घुग्घु रहेंगे": Bhopal woman kills herself, blames husband, mother-in-law in suicide note

Renu's story, as written in her suicide note, will bring tears to your eyes.

In a shocking piece of news, a thirty-five-year-old woman committed suicide in Bhopal on Monday evening last week by jumping off the third floor of the famous DB City mall.

The name of the woman is being identified as Renu Mittal and police officials say that she had gone to the mall with her six-year-old daughter, who she left in the game zone area before taking the extreme step.

CCTV video shows that after she left her daughter in the game zone area she started talking to someone on the phone after which she climbed over the glass railing and jumped off. Check out the video below to see what exactly happened:


Police officials say that the woman was going through extreme domestic issues and perhaps that was the reason for her suicide, according to the suicide note that was posted by Renu to the police three days before she committed suicide.

Her husband Sunil Mittal is a textile businessman in Bhopal and they were married 12 years ago. Her father Prahlaad Das, is the Chief Medical Officer of Chirayu medical college. Her suicide note has some shocking details that would shock you to the core.

Renu has left an eight-page suicide note written in her daughter's school notebook and police say that it looks like she had written it quite some time back, may be weeks ago.

1.Tortured as she gave birth to two girls

First and foremost, Renu mentions that she was harassed for giving birth to two girls. So much that her daughter was not sent to DPS school as the family said that they didn't have the money. However, her brother-in-law's son used to go to the same school and the family had all the money in the world to pay his fees.

Renu also mentions that her sister-in-law was always given an upperhand as she had given birth to a boy.

2. Reduced to a housemaid

Like many other Indian daughter-in-laws, Renu was unfortunately treated like a housemaid and asked to do all the household chores, despite the family owning a textile business, which is extremely shocking!

Renu goes on to mention that she was even forced to clean the toilets and bathrooms by her mother-in-law and she used to wake up at 5 in the morning every day to cook, clean and finish other tasks as her mother-in-law and sister-in-law slept.

3. No one took care of her even during pregnancy

Such was Renu's condition that she was not even allowed to rest during her pregnancy, according to her suicide note. Renu goes on to say that she would work with swollen feet during her last month of pregnancy but no one would even pay attention to her.

4. Husband did not speak up

The biggest regret that Renu had was that her husband, despite taking care of her, did not stand up for her in front of his parents and speak up in her defense.  She is even scared that if she does her daughters would be treated like the way she was.

5. Mother-in-law should be punished

In the end, Renu blames her mother-in-law for her suicide and requests that the police should give strict punishment to her so that it is a lesson for other in-laws and an example for generations to come.

Was suicide the only solution?

theindusparent feels extremely sorry for Renu's daughters and wishes that she could have perhaps thought of her kids before taking the extreme step. She herself sounds scared when she says that she is not sure what will happen to her daughters after she is gone. When she was so scared why didn't she stay back for them?

Suicide was not the only solution and perhaps she could have thought of other ways conveying her message either to her parents or her husband because she does mention that her husband took good care of her otherwise.

We just wish that she had fought a little harder and lived on for her daughters. Our heart goes out to her daughters and we pray that God gives them strength to overcome this big loss.

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[Story Images courtesy: bhopalsamachar.com, Lead images courtesy: jagran.com]
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