#TrendingNow: Is Beyonce pregnant again?

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If reports are to be believed the singing sensation is pregnant with her second child and is already in her fourth month of pregnancy now.

Looks like all rumours floating around Beyonce’s pregnancy are true. If reports are to be believed the singing sensation is pregnant with her second child and is already in her fourth month of pregnancy now. Hollywood life reports that the singer is suffering from “terrible” morning sickness.

This would be the second child for the couple, Beyonce(34) and Jay Z(46), who already have a four year old daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Beyonce was recently spotted covering her baby bump and was seen wearing a lose t-shirt which is so unlike her figure-hugging body cons. Which is when rumours of her second pregnancy spread like wild fire.

King & Queen! #Beyonce was spotted out with her rap husband #JayZ at Son of a Gun Restaurant in Los Angeles

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Rumour mongers say that the Super Bowl might actually be the time that the singer’s pregnancy would be out in the open and the world would get to see her baby bump.

Nausea can be a big bully for some unlucky few like Beyonce 

The Hollywood Life also reports that Beyonce is feeling extremely nauseous during this pregnancy and is having a lot of heavy foods to combat it. Nausea can be tough to beat during pregnancy and while some women are lucky to be spared of the misery, some unfortunate ones have a tough time dealing with morning sickness especially in the first trimester.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, suffered from terrible morning sickness— a condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which affects 1 in 100 pregnant women. This condition can be far more severe than ordinary morning sickness and many women need to be hospitalised as they get extremely dehydrated.

However, not-so-severe morning sickness can be handled easily at home. If you are pregnant and are suffering from nausea, these tips might come in handy.

  • Sniff a lemon: Morning sickness has a lot to do with the smell that you are exposed to. Strong smells, which have a particular odour, generally are the culprits and would make you throw up each time you’re near anything like that. The best way in such situations would be to sniff a lemon or any such scent, which makes you feel fresh.Read about more ways to handle nausea in the next page.
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  • Take it easy and lie down: The more tired you are, the more nauseous and dehydrated you’d be by the end of the day.
  • Look for a pattern: Chances are that you might feel nauseous during one part of the day. If you keep a record and track it down, it would help you identify a pattern and keep you prepared to handle it better.
  • Eat little, but often: Have six to seven small meals, instead of eating three times a day. Nibble on crackers, fruits, raisins and breadsticks as they help keep nausea away.
  • Up your fluid intake: Dehydration can make things worse for you, so your best bet would be to keep yourself hydrated all the time. If you can’t gulp a glass, take smaller sips at regular intervals. You can also have freshly squeezed lime juice, coconut water or a yoghurt smoothie that will not only hydrate you, but also be nourishing for the baby.

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