Beware! These zodiac signs should never get married to each other!

Beware! These zodiac signs should never get married to each other!

Are you incompatible with your partner? This could be the reason...

We often hear of cases where the husband and wife can't see eye to eye and wonder what the reasons for their dissatisfaction could be. But have you ever wondered that behind all those quarrels and disapprovals there could be a reason that you didn't pay heed to ever?

What if it is because, your zodiac signs don't compliment each other? Yes, that's right!. Here are zodiac signs that should never get married:

1. Cancer -Aquarius:

Cancerians are way too emotional and caring to adjust to the free-spirited nature of Aquarians. Aquarians might make Cancerians feel unwanted and lonely. They also have a very bad habit of pointing at mistakes.

2. Aries-Taurus:

Aries sign is very stubborn by nature and so are people born under the Taurus sign, which makes the two together a recipe for disaster. It's like doomsday waiting to happen. Moreover, Taureans are super independent which would make the Aries sign feel that they don't need them at all.

3. Leo-Scorpio:

Beware! These zodiac signs should never get married to each other!

If there is one sign that is too confident, charming and in a way in awe of itself, it has to be Leo. They are super strong mentally so naturally, they don's like when people misjudge of give them their own viewpoints.

This is something Scorpions are famous for and also for being too stubborn and jealous of Leos.  They also hate giving compliments which is something totally unacceptable when it comes to Leos as they love to be showered with praises.

4. Virgo-Sagittarius:

Virgos are artistic people, extremely caring and kind. Sagittarians, on the other hand, are too carefree and they'd always be on the run with you chasing them all that time, something Virgos hate to do. Their uncertainty would make you hate them as they are more like an invisible partner in the relationship and you end up doing everything.

5. Taurus- Sagittarius:

Sagittarians are always in the party mode and want to have fun whereas Taureans have more of a "relax-at-home" kind of people. Besides, the mind games that Sagittarians play would not go too well with the simple-hearted Taureans.


Beware! These zodiac signs should never get married to each other!

Capricorns are knowns for their honest and loyal nature and they expect a companion who reciprocates. Gemini signs, on the other hand, are very hard to change and that may make them look like a stubborn lot.

Geminis are all over the place whereas Capricorns like to be organised. In short, they are poles apart.

7. Libra- Virgo:

Librans are carefree and are known for their social nature. Virgos, on the other hand, can be a little too uptight and would be no match for your social nature. Moreover, they can even be critical of your carefree nature and can leave you furious. To sum up, a relationship full of insecurities!

8. Scorpio-Aries:

Scorpions want a simple, emotional relationship, whereas Ariens are too fiery. Scorpions might feel like that Ariens are overpowering them and always want it their way. To put it blunty, you can be better business partners then a couple.

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