These are the best sexual positions for quicker conception

These are the best sexual positions for quicker conception

First comes love and then comes marriage. Then comes a baby, in a baby carriage. If only it were that easy. Here are certain sex position that increases the probability of conception and a guide on how to predict your ovulation

First comes love, and then comes marriage. Then comes a baby, in a baby carriage. Ha! If only it were that easy. In India, having a child does not merely signify a deeper meaning to marriage. Instead, for a woman, it reinstates her position among her in-laws. Getting pregnant is not something that can be done with the wave of a wand or toss of a coin into a well. But if you know the best sexual positions for conception, you might get pregnant in no time

Not everyone is into artificial insemination or such. Here are certain position that increases the probability of one member of those little swimmers reaching its target.

#1 The Missionary

The oldest and most traditional position – the man is on top. This position works the best in getting the sperm right at the entrance of the cervix. Here’s a worthy tip: Place a pillow under her hips and the chances of her getting pregnant skyrockets. Ladies, when this happens, tilt your hips and leave the rest to gravity. After intercourse, try to hold still for half an hour so that the sperm slides its way to the cervix.

#2 Hands and Knees

Ah, the good old ‘Doggy Style’. The penetration on this position is deeper and some may even agree, produces more gratifying orgasms. How is it done? She gets on her knees (on the bed, though some have claimed to enjoy the carpeted floor better) and he enters her from behind. The sperm’s travel is made easier if she has a tilted or tipped uterus.

#3 Spooning

For couples who like to take it slow, this one is for you. Lying side by side, he enters her as he caresses her from behind. A tip for this position: He should use a pillow under her hips after ejaculation to keep his sperm close to her cervix.

These three positions are rated as the best to get that little bump rolling. However, as much as there are best positions, there are bad ones that you should stay away from if you’re thinking of riding the high waves of pregnancy.

There are two important ones that should be avoided as there is absolutely no help in getting pregnant with those positions.

#4 Woman on Top

Okay ladies, I know the urge to be right about everything and staying on the top is massively important. However, if you want to push that little baby carriage, this is one time you should avoid being on top. Why? Because, the sperm has just one way to go – up. So, it’s going to slide right out when he separates himself from you.

#5 Standing

This position has enjoyment written all over it. But as stated above, there is no way this is going to aid in getting any woman pregnant.

How to predict ovulation

How do you know you’re ovulating? Ask a woman that and she’ll mention the ‘calendar system’ where, assuming a woman has a 28-day cycle, then she ovulates in mid-cycle. Although this method is overrated, it is not one of the most reliable methods. We stand by ovulation kits.

Ovulation Kit
Ovulation prediction kit works by reading LH surges prior to ovulation. Easy to use and generally accurate, the kit is picking up on popularity. Fertility monitor is also worth a mention as it aids in getting you pregnant faster. It’s similar to the kit as it reads changes in LH (luteinizing hormone) but also reads changes in other hormones and does not require any guesswork for couples. Easy to use and it tells you the best time to get pregnant.

Cervical Mucus Changes
As the cycle progresses, the cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture due to the body’s rising levels of estrogen. When the mucus becomes clear, slippery and stretchy, then it’s your indication that you’re at your most fertile period.

Lower Abdominal Discomfort
Out of 5 women, 1 will feel the ovulation activity. On the pain scale, this can be measured from mild to bouts of pain. Lasting from a few minutes to a few hours, this discomfort is a positive sign of ovulation.

Getting pregnant is no walk in the park (however, if done right, it can happen in the park, haha!). Keep your mind on the goal, enjoy every minute of these positions and leave the rest to the Gods of conception!

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