Father thrashes 10-year-old son for THIS reason and is captured on tape by mother

Father thrashes 10-year-old son for THIS reason and is captured on tape by mother

This video of the Bengaluru man thrashing his 10-year-old son was reportedly recorded about two months back by the mother.

In a perfect world, fathers are looked up to for their guidance, love, security and care. Sadly, the real world is not the same. And this fact was proved when a Bengaluru father was captured on tape brutally thrashing his 10-year-old son.

The horrific clip shows the man mercilessly whipping the boy's hand with a mobile charger. He then picks him up from the neck and throws him on the bed a couple of times. But the horror doesn't end just there.

Man thrashes 10-year-old son mercilessly

Mahendra, 37, who reportedly lives in Global Village, near Kengeri in west Bengaluru; then tosses his son on the floor and kicks him in the neck several times.

All this, because the 10-year-old allegedly told a lie.

"How many times I have told you not to tell a lie," the man is seen telling his son, who cowers in fear and pleads with the man to stop. But all in vain.

"No child can lie like you," adds the mother, Shilpa, who recored the incident on tape. She allegedly wanted her son to learn a lesson.

Motive behind thrashing 10-year-old son

This video was reportedly recorded about two months back. But it only came to see the light when the father gave his cell to a repair shop. It was during the tests that the shopkeeper saw the video and reported the incident to an NGO.

The organisation then informed the local police of the matter and they filed a suo-moto case against the father.

The police told a daily that the 10-year-old had been lying about going to the tuition.

“Mahendra thrashed his son for skipping tuition and not completing his homework on time. The boy is said to have lied about these things. He told his wife Shilpa to record the video and show it to the boy the next time he lies,” the Kengeri police told TNM.

M N Anuchaith, Deputy Commissioner of Police Bangalore West Division told NDTV, "We have arrested the father under the Juvenile Justice Act. The matter is being investigated... We have charged him under the Juvenile Justice Act 82 and the Indian Penal Code Sections 323 and 506."

The mother may also be help responsible and taken into custody since she is also an accomplice. However, further details on that matter are awaited.

More incidents of parents beating their kids to 'teach them a lesson'

If you recall, a disturbing clip featuring a young girl being forced to read by a woman—presumably her mother—was doing the rounds of the social media earlier.

The video begins with the teary-eyed girl (aged between 4-5 years) trying to read aloud the numbers 1 to 5. She fumbles and falters and is screamed at by the woman for her mistakes.

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Both these incidences have once again highlighted the need for parents to be more patient. In fact, experts suggest that corporal punishment is not the solution to teach kids a lesson.

Dr Navya Singh, clinical psychologist and co-founder of wayForward.co.in, told theindusparent, "If we hit them, we’re giving them the message that it is OK to hit others or that physical aggression is a means to express oneself. Such kids displace this learnt aggression onto other kids."

She says that parents should instead use love and patience as ways to discipline their kids.

  • Communicate with the child and try to understand why they are engaging in disruptive behaviour. Try to understand their needs. Help them verbalise their concerns so they don’t act out.
  • Instead of punishment, use rewards and let them know why they are being rewarded.
  • Praise specific actions that are positive, and also praise them when they don’t engage in unwanted behaviour.

Dr Singh adds, "Research in the field of child behavioural psychology, over the years, has revealed that punishment does not work for changing unwanted behaviours. It just lowers the child’s confidence, and contributes to making them sad, anxious, and even defiant."

So it's best to calm yourself down and then confront your kids.

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Deepshikha Punj

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