Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Is yoga the ideal workout option now that you're pregnant? To find out, read about the many benefits of prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is both a physical and an emotional journey. As the body goes through whirlwind changes, keeping it fit, healthy and stress free is necessary for a happy mother-to-be and a healthy baby.

As yoga is considered a form of exercise connecting both, the mind and the body, it is a subtle, yet effective workout for pregnant women. Let us run you through the benefits of yoga during pregnancy in more detail.

Yoga corrects posture, strengthens joints and increases flexibility

Yoga practices involve various asanas or poses coupled with breathing and mind control. Asanas like Marjarasana (cat pose) strengthen the back muscles and spine which weaken toward the third trimester. Veerabhadrasana (warrior pose) strengthens joints, improves posture and balance.

Yoga during pregnancy thus increases flexibility and strength of the body, reducing clumsiness and stiffness which comes with added prenatal weight gain. All this while being easy on the joints.

Yoga helps dispel gases and increase blood circulation

Gas formation and water retention are common problems during pregnancy. A pose like Vajrasana helps dispel gases from the body. Many other yoga asanas increase blood circulation, providing relief from pain due to water retention around the ankles and feet.

yoga during pregnancy

Always perform yoga under the guidance of an expert, especially during pregnancy

Yoga increases oxygen flow and reduces stress

Pranayam or breathing practices greatly improve focus and concentration. They also increase oxygen levels in the body ensuring the healthy growth of the foetus. It not only refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, but also conditions the body to get rid of toxins through blood.

Yoga paves way for easy labour and delivery

Yoga strengthens the pelvic muscles to take on the strain of delivery. Strong pelvic muscles means better control over problems which crop up during the third trimester such as pain in pelvis and urinary incontinence.

Stretches like the Butterfly pose open up the pelvis to allow the baby’s head to fix into the pelvic cavity and reduce the time spent in labour. Breathing practices of yoga are most effective during labour where breath control and focus determine the ease of delivery.

Yoga is not just about staying in shape, but also in a good physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being. So here’s hoping a healthy you and a healthy baby with some basic prenatal yoga exercises. 

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Preeti Athri

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