Husbands who drink beer last longer in bed! Really?

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Wives, maybe letting the hubby have a couple of beers with his friends after work could have benefits for you—when he gets home. Tip: wear something sexy

Have we got good news for beer drinking dads. According to sex experts, drinking beer can help couples last longer in bed, for more love play and intimacy.

What does beer do for virile males?

According to Italian researchers, regular beer drinkers are shown to have more stamina than their abstaining counterparts. Another great benefit is that regular drinkers have 31 per cent less chance of developing heart disease, have a heart attack or suffer a stroke.

As for the dirty deed, beer is said to have the following benefits for men:

Dark beers contain more iron, meaning they can give men larger, more intense erections and increased libidos to last longer in bed.

The phytoestrogens found in beer are known to delay orgasms.

You won’t get queasy from beer intake, unlike the experience with hard drinks. Beer is packed with vitamins and minerals good for your stomach.

The alcohol in beer can help you be more uninhibited and willing to take more risks–which is great if you’re trying something kinkier this time around.

There’s even a beer for sex

If you want to get the full sex-enhancing effect of beer, there’s a brew out there designed to do just that.

The “50 Shades of Green”, a beer from Scottish brewers Innis and Gunn is designed to make the drinker friskier, according to a report from Bustle.

The beer is brewed with 50 kinds of hops and includes libido-enhancing ingredients such as ginkgo blob and damiana which is a nerve stimulant.

Add to that the high iron content natural to all beers, and you may just have your sex tonic.

What do you think, mommies and daddies? Will you down a few pints after dinner?

Do you know any more benefits of drinking beer? Please share in the Comment box below.

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