Do mountains make you feel sick? Check out benefit of beetroot juice!

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A new research claims that beetroot juice can give you respite from mountain sickness. Read on to know the benefit of beetroot juice and more

Benefit of Beetroot Juice!

benefit of beetroot juice

There are various benefit of beetroot juice. One of them is that Beetroot juice can help you tackle motion sickness in mountains.

If going around the mountains make you feel sick, this new research will definitely come to your rescue. According to the researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Mid-Sweden University, drinking beetroot juice can help the body cope with low levels of oxygen at high altitudes. The reason? Presence of high level of nitrate, which the body is able to convert into nitric oxide (NO), which is required for the normal functioning of the body.

The way our body functions, adequate amount of NO is needed for the blood vessels to work. In NO’s absence, the blood vessels tend to contract. And for the body to produce NO, oxygen is a prerequisite. However, at high altitudes, since the availability of oxygen is scarce, the body’s capacity to produce NO reduces drastically. Although our body is manifested with a system to produce NO even then, the amount does not match the required quantity. And here is when beetroot juice can pep this up.

To substantiate the claim, a team of researchers set themselves up on a 39-day expedition to the mountains in Kathmandu at 3,900m. The study showed that beet juice with high amounts of nitrate made the blood vessels relax and return to its normal functionality.

So next time, you are on an expedition to the mountains, pack yourself adequately with some beetroot juice.

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