Being a parent can actually make you live longer (yes, really!!!)

If new research is to be believed, those who have children can actually live a longer and more fulfilling life than those who do not have kids.

Great news parents! What with all the head banging and throwing up your arms in despair and all the frustration that comes with being a parent, including the loving sloppy kisses and the never-ending hugs, the fact is, being a parent can also increase your lifespan!

If new research is to be believed, those who have children can actually live a longer and more fulfilling life than those who do not have kids.

And this theory is not just applicable to young and new parents, but even those parents who are well into their senior citizen years.

A study was conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, which tracked more than 1.4 million people as subjects. For the same, the researchers tracked the lifespan of the 704,481 participating males and the 725,290 participating females who were born between the years 1911 and 1925 and were living in Sweden. Researchers found that those who had at least one child had a lower death risk as compared to those who didn’t have any children.

By the time the participants were around 60 years of age, researchers found that the difference in life expectancy was quite distinguishable. Men who had children had almost 2 years more to their lives than their childless counterparts, while women who had children had almost 1 and a half years more to their lives than their childless counterparts.

What is the connect?

Researchers believe that one of the main reasons for people with children living longer than those who do not have children is also the fact that it provides a great amount of social and emotional support. Having kids can be a boon, especially as the children grow up and provide some much-needed emotional support to parents.

This theory holds true especially in the family setup in Indian societies, where joint families are still common, and even those who live away from their parents are constantly in touch in some way or the other.

Keeping the family bond strong

While different families have different ways of building their relationship with children and parents, here are some really easy ways you can work on to make that bond stronger and more meaningful:

1. Interact regularly: Whether you are the parent or the child, remember that communication is the key to keeping any bond healthy and happy. As a parent, try to talk to your children on a daily basis, asking about their day and understanding them as individuals. As children, talk to your parents every day if possible, even if through a phone call. Show interest in their lives and keep them abreast about yours.

2. Make time: Make an effort to switch off from gadgets and work and spend quality time with your children and parents. Make weekends your special family time, where you can take your kids out for fun activities, or have some relaxed time with them at home. Try and plan regular vacations where you can spend time with your parents, so that the children can also bond with their grandparents.

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