Handy Tools to Put Your Child's Bedtime Struggles to Sleep

Handy Tools to Put Your Child's Bedtime Struggles to Sleep

The bedtime struggle is real but these tools and tips will help you give your child a good night's rest - and the benefits that come with regular, adequate sleep.

As if by magic, some children become more energetic when they hear that it's time for bed, or they cry themselves to sleep because they're overtired. You’re probably wondering: ”Is there anything I can do to make it easier for my children to go to sleep?” Well, if it’s any consolation, you're not the only one asking this question; fellow parents—exhausted and desperate to find answers—will assure you that the bedtime struggle is real as getting used to a bedtime routine is hard.

bedtime routine

Consistency is key, develop a bedtime routine

Research has shown that a consistent bedtime routine helps with more restful nights; the predictability makes children feel safe and secure. Consistency will also help children quickly associate the routine with sleep.

Establishing a fixed bedtime sets the tone for your child’s body for the day. As much as possible, this time should be followed even during weekends and holidays. Do you know how many hours of sleep your child should be getting?

  • 3 to 5-year-old children require at least 10 hours of sleep in a day
  • 6 to 13-year-old children require at least 9 hours of sleep in a day

Luckily for the parents of today, tips and help on goodsleep.sg are just a click away. Goodsleep.sg is a website that gives parents handy tools and resources to help their children wind down for bedtime, including bedtime stories, audiobooks, an audio relaxation sleepcast, rewards charts, and many more! To get you started, learn more about using these tools as part of the bedtime routine: 

Set the Stage

Letting them know around 15 minutes beforehand that bedtime is coming will help with the transition between play and sleep. Together with your children, use this time to:

  • Pack away toys
  • Stow electronic gadgets away

Once your little one is ready, start them off with their routine. 

This “Captain Sleep’s Guide to ZZZs” for parents works great as a starter’s guide for you to help build a good bedtime routine for your little ones. 

Get a Warm Bath, Brush Teeth and Prepare for PJ's

After a day of play, it's nice to wash sweat and dirt away with a warm bath. The warmth also helps children relax their tired muscles. Singing bedtime songs during bath time is also great fun. Afterwards, remember to get them to brush their teeth!  Finally, have your children choose which pyjamas to wear. Comfort is important especially during bedtime so make sure to get your children comfortable sleepwear. 

Snuggle up for a Story (or Two)

Find a cosy reading spot where you and your children can cuddle and share a good bedtime story. It's best to go with stories that lull kids into a relaxed state.

With the help of a bedtime superhero, Captain Sleep, getting your children ready for sleep becomes easier. Kids will enjoy the fun and easy-to-understand stories while learning about a good bedtime routine. Parents who need a bit of a break from storytelling can also find 8 new titles of Captain Sleep audio books available here or on Spotify!

To make these book-before-bed moments extra special, you can even create a personalised bedtime book for your children here.  Ask younger children to point out their name on the pages, while taking turns reading with your older children makes great reading practice. 

Wind Down and Relax Together

Besides reading bedtime stories, you can also let your children listen to this audio relaxation guide, led by Captain Sleep and his forest friends! It contains exercises to help children wind down and relax their body for a good night’s sleep ahead. 

If you would like, you can also do the exercises together with your little one in bed. Be careful not to fall asleep before your little one does! 

Say Good Night

A rewards chart is a good way to motivate your children to practice good habits and have sufficient sleep.  Reviewing the rewards will encourage your children and give them something to look forward to. Finally, remind them that the routine is ending and that a goodnight kiss means they should close their eyes, and slowly drift off to dreamland.

Say goodnight together to people and things like their favourite toys or simply say goodnight to end the day. 

With consistency, every night can become a goodnight! Download the Sleep Kit to utilise the tools to give your children a good night's sleep and the benefits of adequate sleep tonight and every night. 

Here is the full list of tools and resources available:


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