Bedtime mythology: The story of Kaveri, the lady who turned into a river

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On our second edition of bedtime Indian mythology, we bring to you the story of Kaveri, the lady who saved many lives by turning into water

There are two important things that all parents must teach their children. The first one is the ability to stand on their own feet and the second is the ability to help others in need.

Both of these qualities together can help a child develop a strong personality and also learn the value of money, relationships and friendships. But how do you teach these simple yet poignant qualities?

How about beginning with short stories!

Today, on our second edition of bedtime Indian mythology, we bring to you the story of Kaveri, who is considered to be a strong Indian woman who was always willing to help others. She was also the lady who saved many lives by turning into water.

The lady who saved lives by turning into a river: Kaveri

Once India had a benevolent king named, Kavera. Through his devotion and tapasya for Lord Shiva, King Kavera hoped to help his subjects live happily and peacefully.

Pleased with his many years of devotion, Lord Shiva finally appeared before him and blessed him with a daughter, who he said would fulfil King Kavera's wish. Soon after, he became a father and named his daughter, Kaveri.

When she grew up, he married her off to a revered sage named Agastya. The couple lived happily together, till they heard of the demon Shoorapadma. This demon wanted to trouble King Kavera's subject and used his powers to prevent rain from reaching the earth. This led to many rivers drying up in no time.

One day, Sage Agastya who was about to leave for a bath, decided to turn his wife Kaveri into water and poured her in to a kamandala. He did this out of the fear of leaving her behind, alone. But as soon as he reached the river bed, he kept the kamandala on the bank and went inside the nearly empty river.

Seeing him enter the water, Lord Ganpati quickly turned into a cow and pushed the kamandala onto the bank. And Kaveri who was inside the kamandala spilled over as water and became a huge river, merging with the existing water body.

This way King Kavera's wish of helping his subjects through his daughter was fulfilled. If you recall, that's the mythical story behind the existence of river Kaveri in India.

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