Meet the cutest kid in Bollywood... Bappi Lahiri's grandson Swastik Bansal

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But this little one from a famous Bollywood family is wowing our hearts with his inherent style and swag and he loves gold too just like his granddad.

Okay, no denying that all kids are cute as button. But this little one from a famous Bollywood family is wowing our hearts with his inherent style and swag.

Meet Swastik Bansal, this as gobbleworthy as a marshmallow kid is the newest celeb kid to woo us. Swastik is the grandson of famous music composer Bappi Lahiri. Just like his grandson, the little boy has at a young age shown us his unique style and yes his love for gold!

So even though for a long time we thought that no one can steal the spotlight from Bappi Lahiri who at 65 is inimitable. But looks like the competition is coming from within the family and we are sure the proud nana is loving to see a reflection of himself in his grandkid.

The photographers recently spotted this celeb kid at a bonsai exhibition at Jamnabhai Narsee school in Mumbai. One look at the little boy and one could not help but notice that not only does he look at lot like his nana but he also is a big fan of Korean pop star Psy.

Swastik loves gold too...

In fact, at the event, Swastik was wearing a cute coat complete with a bow tie and hair gelled in a spike just like the singer.

But he was also channeling the trend immortalized by Bappi Lahiri and showed that a penchant for gold runs in the family.

Swastik sported the cutest looking gold shoes we have spotted. The perky young kid is said to be a bonsai collector and loves to dance. While he is still too young to talk about his career yet by the looks of it he seems a perfect fit in the music industry.

At such a young age, not only the little boy dances like a dream, the way he sports his look that is too cute to handle only proves further that he has got celeb genes in him.

Swastik is Bappi Lahiri's daughter Reema Bansal's son who is married to a businessman.

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