Balika Vadhu's Avika Gor has undergone a stylish makeover and looks like a superstar now!

Balika Vadhu's Avika Gor has undergone a stylish makeover and looks like a superstar now!

Avika Gor has wowed her fans with her makeover and no longer sports a unibrow, has grown her hair long and has now become a star down south as well as abroad

She started her career when she was just eight and soon became a household name. Starring as Anandi, the lovable and bold child bride on the popular show Balika Vadhu, actress Avika Gor won many hearts and also managed to highlight an important social menace.

But that was 11 years ago. Now, these many years and several televisions shows later, it seems India's favourite beti has undergone a stylish makeover. She is no longer the shy and conservative Anandi or saree-clad Roli of Sasural Simar Kaa. She has transformed into an international star and it all started when she walked the red carpet of Cannes last year.

Avika's transformation started with Cannes

avika gor

The actress made a splash when she appeared on the red carpet in a completely different avatar. Sporting short hair and a gorgeous navy blur floor-length one-shoulder gown, Avika looked breathtaking.

She was accompanied by her rumoured boyfriend Manish Raisinghan, her co-star from the popular daily soap Sasural Simar Kaa. The couple attended the he trailer of a French film named 'Juste La Fin Du Monde,' but Gor's metamorphosis at the time got everybody talking.

However, now the actress has gone for a further makeover and no longer sports a unibrow, has grown her hair long and has become a star down south as well as abroad. Yes, you read that right!

Avika's latest stylish transformation!

avika gor

Gor is also all set to appear on show in Kazakhstan which is styled on The Kapil Sharma Show.

"Yes. It is an International show in Kazakhstan. Just like we have 'The Kapil Sharma Show' here and actors come as guests on the show, I too made an appearance on the international show in one of the episodes. I am the brand ambassador of a hair care product and I promoted it in Kazakhstan through the show. The experience of being a guest in an international TV show was absolutely amazing," the actress confirmed with a daily.

She is quite a popular name outside Indian as well, thanks to Balika Vadhu, so it's no wonder that she is now doing a lot more work abroad.

The real reason Avika is no longer seen on TV!

The 19-year-old who quit her latest television show Sasural... is also simultaneously exploring her other interests such as movie-making and dancing.

Last year on her birthday she shared that the real reason for why she isn't seen on television anymore.

"After working non-stop for 10 years, I wanted a break. I took this step because I didn’t want to get fed up of acting altogether. I want to work on myself now. I want to learn new things. I haven’t signed any new show or film. I have turned 18, and I am doing well for myself. So, there is no pressure to earn money," she said adding that she was studying online-screenplay writing.

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"I will take guitar lessons, and maybe attend dance classes too. I haven’t decided which dance I want to learn though. I have activities planned for an entire month. Post that, I will produce a few short films and music videos. That will be my creative outlet, and will keep me in touch with the industry. I am also busy with my online screenplay-writing course," she said.

It seems that the young actress has not only undergone a physical transformation, but is also following her heart in terms of her career. And that's precisely what we need to encourage our kids to do, just as her parents did for her.

3 ways to help your kids turn their dream into reality

  • Accept their dreams: The most important part of helping your kids fulfill their dreams is to accept them. Many times parents force their wishes on their children often pushing them over the edge. So for their happiness, parents must first learn to accept that their children have their own personality and respect their dreams and wishes.
  • Support their dreams: Children may not always want your financial support. Sometimes they seek emotional and psychological support from their parents. So try to help them create a path of success and help them as best you can.
  • Set a good example: If you have been following your own dreams, it'll be easier for you to push your kids to do the same and follow your own example.

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