Balcony Safety For Children: Death of 4-year-old Calls For Child Safety At Home

Balcony Safety For Children: Death of 4-year-old Calls For Child Safety At Home

Leaving your children unattended can cost you a heavy price. At worst, their life even!

In a shocking incident that happened on 19 February 2018, 4-year-old Myra from Ghaziabad succumbed to death after falling off the balcony 10 floors up. The unfortunate event has put focus on leaving your little ones unattended and balcony safety for children.

Balcony safety for children: Learning from the incident

As reported by a neighbour, little Myra was sleeping at home when her mother went out. She had left Myra in the care of her 12-year-old elder daughter, Pari. However, Pari, who was running late for her tuition, left and bolted the house from outside.

What happened after Myra’s sister left that ended in her death was left to speculation. A policeman reported that the possibility of Myra slipping and falling off the balcony seemed logical because she was wearing socks at the time of her death. He added that she was probably looking over the balcony while standing on her chair.

balcony safety for children

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How Myra was discovered

Security guard Ankit Choudhary shares: “One of the security guards, Surender, was on duty near F tower. He heard a sound and rushed to the spot. There he found the child lying with her face down. He instantly flashed the message and I rushed to the spot. I took the child in my arms and shook her. There was blood all over her face, head, and chin. She did not respond.”

balcony safety for children

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As no one could identify Myra, the guards rushed her to nearby Shanti Gopal Hospital, where Surender recognised her and confirmed her identity. According to the doctors at Shanti Gopal Hospital, the child was declared as “brought dead” by the time she was brought in.

Balcony safety for children: Tips to remember
balcony safety for children

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Here’s the most important warning to parents of young children: never leave a child unattended. Unless an elder sibling is also an adult, parents should also avoid leaving their young child in the care of an elder sibling during their absence. It’s always safest to leave a child in the care of another adult.

When it comes to balcony safety, entrapment and falling are two major ways in which children can get hurt. They can get their limbs and head stuck in the grill or balcony balustrades or, worse, they may slip and fall like in Myra’s case.

If you have a balcony at home, follow these vital reminders to keep your children safe:

  1. Teach your toddler to stay at a proper distance from the balcony.
  2. Discourage them from climbing on the balcony.
  3. Keep any climbable objects away from the balcony.
  4. Discourage kids from dragging any light furniture close to the balcony.
  5. Make sure that your balcony is fitted with grills.
  6. Keep the windows closed when your little one is near the balcony.
  7. Be vigilant at all times, especially when your child is near the balcony.

Source: The Times of India, Kids Health

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