Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy during summer break?

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy during summer break?

Abbott-Pediasure launches their new Cookie and Cream flavour to better help parents make sure their kids get all the vital nutrients to support their healthy growth and development.

Parents are constantly committed to making sure their kids grow and develop in the healthiest possible way.

This can be a challenge all year round, but it’s often more so of a struggle during summer vacation. At this time, kids are eager to just have fun and relax. Often, this involves consuming unhealthy meals like fast food and soda. But just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean good nutrition has to take a vacation, too!

On Balanced Nutrition For Growing Kids, Lara Dutta Shares: “Parents often stress about how they can engage [kids] effectively and ensure that they eat right.”

At the launch of Abbott’s New Pediasure® Cookies & Cream flavour, we learned more about achieving the ideal balance when it comes to tasty meals and good nutrition.

Amal Kelshikar, Country Head & General Manager – India at Abbott Nutrition explains that they understand how parents “worry about their kids’ complete nutrition and growth, particularly so in the summer break time when meal-time discipline becomes flexible and play time takes centre stage.”

This is why they “added to Pediasure a delicious twist, with the new Cookies & Cream flavour that will appeal to every child’s palate while offering them the healthy nutrition they need.”

balanced nutrition for growing kids

Celebrity couple Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi supported the launch of Pediasure’s new delicious flavour along with young chef Nihal Raka, a.k.a. Chef Kicha!

The new flavour is truly exciting for mums and dads with kids who have specific taste preferences.

Celebrity mum Lara Dutta, who attended the launch with husband tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi, can relate to the dilemma of making sure your child eats right, especially during the summer.

“My daughter has very strong taste preferences,” she shares, adding how summer is “the perfect time to keep activity levels up and good health at its peak.”

balanced nutrition for growing kids

When it comes to balanced nutrition for growing kids, celebrity couple Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi believe in setting a good example first and foremost! | image courtesy: Pediasure India

“During summers, my daughter is filled with ideas—to play new games, places to go, and have lots of uninterrupted fun. I am sure all young ones look forward to the summer break the same way,” she further explains. “While children are excited about holidays, parents often stress about how they can engage them effectively and ensure that they eat right.’

Her husband Mahesh is also hands-on when it comes to making sure their daughter has develops good food habits. He starts by setting a good example and they make sure to put in the effort to avoid bingeing on unhealthy food as well.

Because of this, the celebrity couple want to encourage mums and dads to add this healthy and tasty milk supplement to their child’s daily diet, not just for the summer, but to make sure they are well nourished all year round.

Make Summer More Than Just a Vacation for your Kids

balanced nutrition for growing kids

To maintain balanced nutrition for growing kids, make summer a time of fun as well as teaching them healthy habits!

“Summer is not just a seasonit’s an opportunity to refresh, relax, learn, and grow for kids. I often meet moms who come to me for advice on a balanced diet for their kids,” shared Dr Indu Khosla, Head of Paediatrics at Cloudnine Hospital Mumbai.

The time between two to six years old is your child’s formative years. During this time, the foundation for their motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills are being established.

“This is the time when children have specific nutritional requirements and high energy needs,” said Dr Eileen Canday, Head of Dietetics & Nutrition at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital.

According to Dr Canday, some children need a nutrition supplement so that they “do no miss out on overall growth.”

Pediasure® is plentiful in the 37 vital nutrients needed to meet the height, weight, and energy requirements of your growing child. Just two servings—in the morning and evening—can greatly help build your child’s immunity as well as their overall physical and brain development.

Pediasure® is the No. 1 brand recommended by paediatricians all around the world. It is a scientifically proven nutrition supplement to boost your child’s growth without the excess weight gain.

Give your children #TimetoGrow all year round by making sure to give them a delicious and nutritious daily diet!

Abbott’s New Pediasure® Cookies & Cream flavour is now available at most major retailers nationwide as well as online. Learn more about how to maintain you child’s wholesome nutrition on Pediasure India’s website.

To find out what kids thought about this exciting new flavour, watch the video below!

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